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  1. Thanks again kisslikeether.
  2. Thanks kisslikeether. I to believe it’s older due to letter A after the number. Saw some with B. Still a mystery. Needs more research.
  3. kwqd, thanks for the info. Every little bit helps. My search will continue for the artist of this print. Pop
  4. Thanks Vetraio50. Appreciate the comment.
  5. Thank You dav2not. Always appreciate the help from the people here. Pop
  6. Thank You ho2cultcha, always appreciate the help. Still on my journey attempting to positively identify the artist.
  7. Thank You mp.kunst. I appreciate the help. Now I have a start to possibly determining the artist of my painting.
  8. Maybe, Murano glass by Antonio Salviati. Still in operation with various designers.
  9. The first Starbucks?
  10. Grandkids gave me a new bomerange for my birthday. Spent all day Sunday trying to throw the old one away!
  11. The original is in the President's Oval Office, on the credenza . Check on the net for pics of Oval office and you will see it.
  12. Think I went to school with the one on the far left.
  13. We have same the phone in our "Mickeymouse" themed spare bedroom. Grandson (13 months old), loves to push the button to here Mickey's message. He does get tired though, after 20-30 times!
  14. I have the same car and the same problem! Good luck. I can't find info anywhere.
  15. I also have one similar to it. Searched for months and could not find one like it.
  16. Best I've seen.
  17. Very nice.
  18. Fixer upper?
  19. I look like this every morning. Until my first cup of coffee.
  20. Very nice. Alot of history here.
  21. I also have stiffle and they are very similar. Nice
  22. Thanks again. officialfuel. Poppop
  23. Thanks officialfuel, I appreciate it. PopPop
  24. I like her smile (:
  25. Sent pics of these mugs to "Budweiser Historian" couple of weeks ago for any information. Nothing back yet, but maybe that's a good thing. Pop-Pop
  26. Thanks stef
  27. Does anyone have any suggestions for me to further research this piece. Having a real tough time trying to find out any information. Thanks, Pop-Pop
  28. Thanks Manikin. Any ideas on how I can get additional information on this piece?
  29. Thanks Kerry. Know anything additional about this piece?
  30. I'll let you know the results.
  31. tommy1002, that info/site you gave is great. They quickly responded to my initial email requesting a pic so they can give it to their "Historian" to research. Thanks again. Gary
  32. thanks tommy, I'll give it a try.
  33. Has anyone ever seen mugs like these or know where or how I can find any info on them? Really curious. Thanks again for all the kind comments.
  34. thanks kerry10456, I appreciate it
  35. thanks Tommy1002. Hope someone can supply more info on these.
  36. thanks again, you've been very helpful.
  37. Thanks TallCakes, I appreciate the help, Gary
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posted 11 years ago