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  1. I showed this to my wife (a Registered Nurse and Birthing Coach) and she instantly said it was a birthing table, then we scrolled down to Nannah's update about solving it.
  2. Well thanks for all of the amazing information!
  3. Thanks again militarist, I posted two pictures of the same side. I just swapped one out for a picture of the otherside. Now that you see the otherside, would be able to help me come up with a close...
  4. Carlosons, thank you for the info. Anyway that I can tell if it is real or not?
  5. Thank you very much for the information Militarist! I looked up cob coins and got a lot more information about how and why they were made.
  6. Militarist, the coin is made out of silver and weighs 12.8 grams
  7. Thanks for the information vetraio50!! Very helpful
  8. Thanks Bellin68!
  9. I got it from a friend who is a precious metals buyer.
  10. Thanks Vetraio50!
  11. Mizjane, thats why I saved them from being melted. I thought they were fascinating and didnt want them to disappear.
  12. Thanks everybody!!!
  13. Thanks Maltamary
  14. Thanks lisa
  15. I looked up both of those agate types and it doesnt look like any of the pictures I saw.
  16. Thanks for the info!!
  17. Thanks for your very thorough info barbedwireguy! Ill enjoy it as my first piece of antique barbed wire, found a nice spot with my other smalls
  18. thanks gotwire
  19. thanks barbedwireguy! is it a hard one to find or a more common type?
  20. Thank you thriftstoreaddict
  21. no barb wire fans?
  22. Thanks officialfuel!
  23. thanks for the info/suggestion, now i gotta get my hands on a blacklight.
  24. Thanks Ozmarty!!!
  25. It is most definitely a bottle opener. The 2011 kovels price guide says that "parrot on a perch" bottle opener is worth about $50, could be the same one. I love the cast iron bottle openers, this one ...
  26. I really like the ornate one, it is basically a piece of jewelry already
  27. Those are great
  28. I have one too but with no promotional logo
  29. def uncle fester
  30. Thanks hedgewalker
  31. I need info
  32. Thanks too late! the pully i have is completely covered in rust but still solid. Im not sure how to get all that rust cleaned before I can prime and paint it
  33. Amazing
  34. you guys have such an amazing collection!!!
  35. It doesnt look old to me only bc it has a plywood interior
  36. thats a great use, keep it fun
  37. Thanks scandinavian_pieces, thats what I thought. It has history of two different owners on it, not the fanciest trunk but great amounts of historical items.
  38. No comments?
  39. Thanks Chrisnp
  40. Thanks Chrisnp
  41. Thanks ttomtucker! so that means it from before vietnam right?
  42. alright thanks again scott.
  43. Thanks for the info scott! Besides for looking really cool, do you think it is worth more than the value of the silver?
  44. Thanks official fuel, I know its cool when you love it
  45. Awesome!!! must be fun to hang out at your house
  46. looks like a buddha
  47. yup definitely a van gogh
  48. What did you do to refinish it? I have an old iron pully, it has a patent date of like 1860 on it. I want to refinish it too
  49. You seemed to have gotten way more attention on your cabinet card than I got on here.
  50. Thanks cokefan. ill go check out your item.
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