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I like a little bit of everything! All kinds of vintage furniture and pieces. Arts and Crafts to Victorian to Mid Century Modern. Unique vintage animal knick knacks.I like a little bit of everything! All kinds of vintage furniture and pieces. Arts and Crafts to Victorian to Mid Century Modern. Unique vintage animal knick knacks. Mid Century Modern artwork, wall clocks, lamps, lots of random things that catch my eye. I am kind of eclectic and really like those one of a kind pieces. I also like to keep things for a while so I can enjoy it, then sell it so someone else can enjoy it, and then I can get a new piece. If you ever see anything I post that you may be interested in feel free to contact me. Once I am done using it I can possibly pass it on. (Read more)


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Possibly a Native American Woven Basket - Furniturein Furniture
Antique Mother of Pearl Fountain Pen  - Pensin Pens
Mid Century Modern Peter Pepper Products Wall Mount Weather Station  - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Antique Silver SE Asain Betel Nut Box - Asianin Asian
Old Embossed Metal "Northwest" Transportation Sign - Signsin Signs
Old Heavy Steel Asian Military Chest  - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Signed Vintage Blown Art Glass Decanter - Art Glassin Art Glass
Old School Cartier 18k Gold Sunglasses - Accessoriesin Accessories
Gerald Thurston Tripod Table Lamp - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
WWI His & Her Walking Sticks Carved By Austrian POW - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Thanks CanyonRoad! I thought I had thanked you a long time ago when you originally shared your thoughts, but it looks like my post never went through.... I appreciate your insight!
  2. It was a beauty. I think mine was Khmer and low grade silver, but I bought mine from some other treasure hunters, so I couldn't get the story of where it exactly came from. I'm kind of bummed out I s...
  3. Awesome you found it! It's a tiny bit different than mine, but looks about right! Cool to know you found where your sign originally came from. I'm gonna say mine originated from the same place if any...
  4. I've yet to find out exactly what kind of sign this one is, but I will let you know when I find out one of these days!! @aroundagain
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JGSDF_Camp_Hachinohe
  6. Thanks for your help community! A couple days ago I saw that Camp Haugen is stamped on the back. I did find that this piece does have some history, after a little research (link at the end). Bummer no...
  7. Thanks for looking. I tried searching that a bit when I first got it and could not find anything. It probably is just something someone did as an apprenticeship or something, I'm guessing. That's the ...
  8. Nothing for sale anymore, I sold the majority of the loot instantly after I bought it. I can post a few more pictures later :) There was some great stuff, a pickers dream come true.
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Doug Ayers vases African American family cabinet card From the Sublime to the Ridiculous...... Sioux Indian cabinet card


My favorite thing :)