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EPB1254 CANADIAN PRESSING - Recordsin Records
1254 Promo - Recordsin Records
Old Flash Bulb - Camerasin Cameras
America the beautiful Black Label..Black Vinyl - Recordsin Records
Rare Double Hillbilly Cat Live - Recordsin Records
Coke bottle from the '70's with Fanta cap - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Something For Everybody Mono... Full Face - Recordsin Records
Legendary Performer Volume 2 - Recordsin Records
TV Guide 45 - Recordsin Records
School Binder from 1956 - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia


  1. Lundy.... Prices are all over the place; the prices on ebay especially it's more a matter of timing, and having the right bidder. I see really rare stuff go for virtually peanuts there, if you happen ...
  2. Nice Betty Page
  3. Packrat..... Too many records and other stuff..... and no basement in an apartment block.
  4. Sorry; No; this is the repo and there were no inserts with them.
  5. The sun repos are pressed Vinyl; although I had a 45 collection of over 2000 45's I have traded mst of them away for Elvis stuff. I only have about 500 45's left of non Elvis stuff along with several ...
  6. Only boots; and the complete set of colored Vinyl 78's
  7. Yes! Everything is Poly'd insie and out.. The important ones Heavy duty poly.
  8. Thanks Officialfuel .... It's a keeper.
  9. See more