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Custom GT HO Ford 351 Shaker - Toysin Toys
Gendron Limited Edition Castrol  pick up pt2  - Toysin Toys
Sharman Motor Company pedal car - Toysin Toys
Jaguar E-type pedal car ( a new beginning  see from 2 months ago) - Toysin Toys
Unknown 1980 fibre glass pedal car - Toysin Toys
Gendron Limited Edition country style pick-up 120 of 200 Castrol oil promo - Toysin Toys
Jaguar E-Type Pedal Car  - Toysin Toys
Mercedes SEL 500 plastic body pedal car - Toysin Toys
2300 Mercedes project  - Toysin Toys
Police pedal car based on murray champion - Toysin Toys


  1. Sorry can't help you with suggestion of appraisal other than Dave the pedal car guy in Australia or take some photos to the Bendigo swap meet (not much use unless you are in Australia) in November an...
  2. Hi The person employed at the company and designed and actually made the pedal cars and I had a discussion as he was looking for one for his son. I had two a complete one and the one shown when we sp...
  3. Hi I am not too sure what they are going for at the moment. I have had some fair offers $300 and some very poor offers. This was faded as you can see and I simply sanded down with wet rub
  4. Hi all Thanks for your kind comments I quite happy with it. I agree Alex it does take a little of the chrome look away and almost ages it. I think the actual feel of the powder coat is great, a lot ...
  5. Thanks guys I'm pretty happy with it I think it good to dare to be different. Having said that there is also a place for the fully original and the fully restored I suppose it's how any given item fee...
  6. Hi I am only going by the attached document which states it is powder coated and as some has lifted there is no undercoat or primer which also leads me to believe it is powder coated. Remember this is...
  7. Hi Thanks very much for your time and effort appreciated
  8. Hi I saw it that looks great. They are rare as hens teeth in Australia and one like that would be real prize Can you tell me what the horn looks like does it have little jewels in it? I am in the ...
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