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London, England, UK

I somehow manage to pick up things over the years and wonder why I have them.


  1. Nice art piece, love it.
  2. Thanks PhilDMorris, A project this size is always good to take on as it doesn't take up too much room.
  3. What a stunner!
  4. Could be an old British colonial coin dating around 1771 era
  5. Hi Charlotte89, Feel free to use the image.
  6. Thanks for that blunderbuss2
  7. I've shown this to a work colleague who says the pips are British officer pips along with German badges. He's checked both British and German badges but none have come up. Are these on a holster?
  8. Are those letters on the badge R,D & S?
  9. Thanks for the comments :-)
  10. This is on the site of a former brickworks where there are a couple of old quarry's now filled with water either side of this, so it has to be an old dumping ground but can't find much other material ...
  11. Many thanks Keramikos for the history of Bovril. I never knew it went vegetarian for a while but I do remember the BSE problem. This site is right next to an open road and isn't even fenced off but ...
  12. Many thanks for the info IVAN49, much appreciated as I didn't know anything about it, apart from what I was told at the flea market. I did get this at a very cheap price so I guess the seller didn't r...
  13. Nice coin. I'm no expert but maybe no lower than MS 62.
  14. I've got exactly this with the Christ figure attached. My wife bought it 15 years ago at a flea market. I'll post it up for comparison.
  15. Well this is certainly something different. It'd make anyone do a double take if seen in an antique store. Looks great!
  16. Thanks PhilDMorris, I'll probably look up the ring binder pages as my mother in law found a few more. To frame these will take up quite a bit of space that my wife won't like. I've a few old cigaret...
  17. I have a similar set that I picked up a few years back which were Indian army origin. I sliced two of my fingers open taking it out if it's sheath and I haven't touched it since. My dad when he was i...
  18. Thanks for the comments. I've been looking at uv filtering acrylic protection instead of glass, which should protect the cards in a frame.
  19. It's possibly used for viewing negatives. A negative would be laid out on a light table and this placed over the top. Just a guess though as I can't think what else it could be used for.
  20. I'm thinking that the cabinet is for coins but could possibly be a map cabinet. Love those British scales especially as Great Kimble is just a few miles from me down the road. There were a few scal...
  21. Thanks. Great community here with some excellent collections to admire.
  22. Thanks:-) I've since added a few more to my collection and waiting for one to arrive in the post. All have amazing stories behind them.
  23. Decent restoration. Nice work.
  24. Decent album when it came out and still is. The original front cover got relegated to the inside as it was too graphic to be out on display in record shops. I remember all the fuss about it in the pre...
  25. I bought the 3 litre version of this vodka two years ago and it's still unopened. Looks great on display. Glad I bought it when I did as the price has gone skywards now in the UK.
  26. It looks like an M59 helmet of the JNA, Yugoslavian National Army. In the early days of the Homeland War, all sides wore the same helmets with the red star on the front. The only way to tell who was f...
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