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London, England, UK

I somehow manage to pick up things over the years and wonder why I have them.


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Battle of Britain pilots signatures. - Stampsin Stamps
Antique bottle dump. - Bottlesin Bottles
Queen's birthday parade medal/round 2019 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Yugoslavian vineyard medal - Silverin Silver
The First Buckinghamshire Battalion 1914-1919 - Booksin Books
Trench art crucifix.  
Boxing cards - Cardsin Cards
Metal cast house bricks. - Fine Artin Fine Art
Victoria Cross winners signed first day covers. - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
M48/62 Swiss army helmet - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. This is on the site of a former brickworks where there are a couple of old quarry's now filled with water either side of this, so it has to be an old dumping ground but can't find much other material ...
  2. Many thanks Keramikos for the history of Bovril. I never knew it went vegetarian for a while but I do remember the BSE problem. This site is right next to an open road and isn't even fenced off but ...
  3. Many thanks for the info IVAN49, much appreciated as I didn't know anything about it, apart from what I was told at the flea market. I did get this at a very cheap price so I guess the seller didn't r...
  4. Nice coin. I'm no expert but maybe no lower than MS 62.
  5. I've got exactly this with the Christ figure attached. My wife bought it 15 years ago at a flea market. I'll post it up for comparison.
  6. Well this is certainly something different. It'd make anyone do a double take if seen in an antique store. Looks great!
  7. Thanks PhilDMorris, I'll probably look up the ring binder pages as my mother in law found a few more. To frame these will take up quite a bit of space that my wife won't like. I've a few old cigaret...
  8. I have a similar set that I picked up a few years back which were Indian army origin. I sliced two of my fingers open taking it out if it's sheath and I haven't touched it since. My dad when he was i...
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WWI Trench Art Cross 1944s wheat penny s over s rpm 1940s TMY Wood - Battery Powered Battleship Silver locket Original WW II Japanese Sun  Helmet Opening of Trans-Pacific Glass Bell Paperweight Feuerhand Nr. 323 kerosene lantern WWII Artifact Mighty Macho Military Matchbox Monday MB-73 1959-1961 Gilded Brass Swans Crystal Head Vodka Mk I Helmet Steel Royal Armoured Corps Canteen?  Thermos?  Decanter?  They might be coming again 1948 ! Henry Boker 1930's Breast Drill Restoration. Rust to Recovery My oldest, haven't seen another like it myself