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  1. I'm intrigued by the small red flame (?) on the angels' heads.
  2. Thank you for your comments. Do you have any suggestions to check its authenticity?
  3. Thank you all for your very helpful information.
  4. Chinablue - Replacements has over 200 mystery patterns!
  5. Chinablue - thank you so much for the link: the article is very helpful. It explains alot!
  6. So vetraio, do you think you can put a time frame on the brooch? Do you think it's safe to say it's European? flowerrose - I'm glad you reminded me of Fabiola, too. I actually wore her at one point...
  7. However, it really doesn't seem to tarnish.
  8. I think so - it's 800 on the back of the oval and also on the filigree.
  9. Flowerrose - I now have to go through your other items and see what else we have in common!! Vetraio - is your expertise limited to art or do you know anything about jewelry? I'd love to figure ...
  10. What's interesting is that this is mystery #175. How many mystery patterns are there?!? This pattern is not that old.
  11. The link works and honestly I think that's why the portrait seemed familiar to me. I've had the pin for many years but I think subconsciously your show and tell rang a bell and that's what made me pu...
  12. According to Replacements it's mystery no. 175 by Noritake. I guess it doesn't have a known name.
  13. Vetraio - thank you so much for the information! No wonder the portrait looked familiar! It's ironic that my grandmother loved it so much as she was happily married (for about 55 years) until her d...
  14. Thank you for all your help. My questions are more for a determination of what to keep and what to find a good home for. Unfortunately, I don't have room for everything. My mom recently had a garag...
  15. Do you think that diminishes its' value?
  16. Do you think that the gold could wear away so completely that there's no residue at all? While the dish shows signs of wear, there's no indication that there was ever gold on it. And I have every re...
  17. I just haven't seen any flow blue pieces that have only cobalt along the edge. Also, the mark says "La Francaise semi vitreous A5." I've seen A4 but no A5. Is it safe to assume that A5 is the patte...
  18. Chinablue - I don't see any flow blue patterns without a design. What do you make of that?
  19. Thanks for the love. :)
  20. Wow! Chinablue, you are good! Thanks!
  21. I followed your link and found it very helpful. Thank you. I'd like to find a picture of the mark. If you have any insight there I would appreciate it.
  22. I reached out to replacements. I'll let you know what they say.
  23. Chinablue - thanks again. I'm posting another piece that you may be able to help me with.
  24. Oh - and they do nest nicely inside each other.
  25. Chinablue - thanks so much. Your comments were very helpful (and I read them after I had my coffee!). Is this pattern "blue willow"?
  26. It's very similar but not the same. Mine has red around the perimeter.
  27. I see the differences - they're striking. You've been very helpful. I am in the USA but will look for a means to sell her in Italy. I'm going to research prices first. I'm not in a rush. She's b...
  28. I've found pictures on the internet of only 3 dolls that look like mine. Two are listed for sale for very large sums. The third is not for sale. Do you think I could call my doll RARE?
  29. Manikin - I've replaced the last picture with one of pantaloons - 2 tiers of trim - and trim on slip and dress. Please let me know if you can see them. Thanks so much.
  30. Manikin - do you know about Lenci look-alikes? Were they so strikingly similar to Lenci that you couldn't see an obvious difference? In other words, do you know how I can verify her authenticity? I...
  31. Now to find a collector. Any ideas?
  32. yes - her eyes always move side to side when you move her.
  33. Do the glass eyes add or detract from her value?
  34. Is there some sort of Lenci catalog with which you are familiar? My guess is that there was something in her left hand that never made it to us in the "60's. Her dress is below her knee with a longe...
  35. Do you have any way to judge whether the clothes are original? This is how she was dressed when given to my family in the 1960's.
  36. Manikin - awesome work! Thanks. Do you know how I go about putting a value on her? Also, do you know anything about 1985 Naber dolls?
  37. I put 2 new pictures of face and feet. I can't find a tag in the clothes. But the clothes are original and very fragile. The pinafore has beautiful lace trim and is stitched to the doll's shoulders...
  38. I'll take more pictures. I took the first one with my phone. The ones taken with my camera should be better. I don't know how well you can see the back of her head and neck but there's nothing on i...
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