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Has anybody ever seen anything like this ? - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Yes that's right , i forgot about that . thanks for your help, i appreciate it alot .
  2. right this looks more like arc welded.
  3. it is hard to weld cast iron but not impossible ,i've seen it done on engine blocks a few times.
  4. the welds were forged by hand.
  5. i just added another pic you might have to zoom in a little look where the red arrows are.
  6. i'll put up a new pic , I'm pretty sure it's welded . i've read some articles about arc welding cast iron in late 1800s before that they were forged.
  7. Thanks again Rob, that was very helpful.
  8. Yes that's what I was thinking . somebody took 6 panels and welded them together but they did it good . I just wonder why I can't find this design anywhere else. Like you said it could be from a stair...
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