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Sydney, Australia

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My partner and I collect gramophones and phonographs, we also have a few Wurlitzer jukeboxes. I am a tailor making and retailing leather clothing for motor cycle ridMy partner and I collect gramophones and phonographs, we also have a few Wurlitzer jukeboxes. I am a tailor making and retailing leather clothing for motor cycle riders. (Read more)


  1. The tag has 1080A
  2. Thank you both for your kind words. I do believe the machine is a #5, most of the nickle work is the original finish, only a couple of pieces were re-plated, The cabinet refinish, I carefully sanded ...
  3. I sold this record to Kurt Nauck in Texas, I thought it would more appreciated in the country of origin.
  4. I think that would be right, I am not sure of the year they were made, but I also thought the one on the left was the older of the two. Do you have photos of the shop where they were made? Cheers
  5. The one on the left also, it has a label under the front paw. Cheers
  6. Hi, I have not played my record, I don't want to risk damaging it, too valuable.
  7. That will depend on your country, In Australia they are more expensive than the USA. Regards Marcel
  8. Value of Nipper? They are expensive if you can find one, maybe around 2k for a good one. Very hard to say for sure, I haven't seen many for sale.
  9. Berliner brought the painting of Nipper to America, Berliner, with the help of his partner Eldridge Johnson, made Nipper the official trademark for the Victor Talking Machine Company (the newly formed...
  10. The horn is huge, you can only truly appreciate it's size when holding it in your hands.
  11. Hi, Glad you like it, we have a lot more to upload soon. Regards Marcel
  12. Hi, Yes that is right, not use to using roman numerals. Regards Marcel
  13. Hi Cam, I am very short on room also, but we really enjoy our machines and for now are happy to put up with the full house. This jukebox was purchased in the USA by a Melbourne collector, I bought it ...
  14. Hi, I do my own repairs, where are you located? Regards Marcel
  15. They are really cool, I have two of them.
  16. Hi Tyson, You got a very good bargain, mine cost me AU$1800.00 and it came with no records. They are a bit more expensive here in Australia, mine is in excellent original condition. I would love to ha...
  17. These are very good to have with the machine, they look to be in excellent condition too. Regards
  18. Hi, This machine is not for sale. I have placed my collection on this site for other collectors to enjoy, not to sell them. Regards
  19. Hi, This machine is not for sale, I have seen one for sale on an internet site you could check to see if they still have it. Regards
  20. Hi, Nice machine. These were an inexpensive disc machine made in Germany and were probably intended as much for adults as well as children the 1920's I don't think I would do too much restoration, ma...
  21. $500.00 at Vinnies? what a bargain. I mainly collect gramophones but I took a liking to this radio, I would like to have the green one too, but I would not want to spend $15K for it. I have a collect...
  22. The green one is the most desirable and most expensive, they usually fetch around $15K. I am in the Sydney area also. Regards
  23. Hi Ray, They are in the USA and have manuals for all wurlitzer jukeboxes. Regards Marcel
  24. Thank you, I prefer to just clean and polish a machine but, sometimes they are in such bad shape it needs to be done.
  25. Hi, Yes Buddha is the speaker, he sound pretty good too. see YouTube, Gypsymojo is my name there.
  26. Thank you, we love our collection, I still have a lot more to post. Yes the machine is very heavy, there is some damage on the top deck due to this, the last owner must have been lifting the machine f...
  27. My YouTube is Gypsymojo
  28. Lateral, cut side to side. Vertical, cut up and down. Lateral Cut recording (alternatively known as "Needle Cut"). Your common acoustic Victors, Columbias, and similar labels were lateral cut ...
  29. Hi, Yes it is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but, you have to remember this machine was made very late 1956 for an acoustic wind up. Most people would have been using electric record players, mayb...
  30. Hi, No, not at 49 lb's I sure wouldn't like to carry it around.
  31. Thanks for your comment, I prefer to clean and preserve rather than re finish. They need to retain as much of there natural ageing as possible.
  32. Hi, I will add some more soon.
  33. It is really cool, plays well too. I have seen a couple different models of this, I don't think there were many, we would like to get them too. : )
  34. Hi, They are worth around $3 to 4K depends on condition, that will also depends on where you live. They are cheaper in the US. The Grand is fairly hard to find but not impossible, keep a watch on ebay.
  35. Excellent, these machines have fantastic sound reproduction, your mum made an excellent choice for you. I have an HMV 193 these have much the same sound reproduction, it is one of my favorite machine...
  36. Wish I could find a dumpster with one of those in it : )
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Rexonola 1925 Grand made in Australia 1937 Harley WL45 Victrola  Credenza A True Antique...Edison Standard Phonograph...1800's...By Thomas A. Edison 1903 gramophone ''OHIO TALK-O-PHONE'' Antique Columbia Grafonola Jensen needle counter display. LITTLE TOTS RECORDS A NIFTY NIRONA CHILDREN'S GRAMOPHONE Count Basie Record donated to Grammy Museum Victor V Talking Machine phonograph