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Palm Springs

Producer, Choreographer, Singer, Actor with an avid interest in antiques and collectibles.


  1. I also have a carving by their artist of a flying seagull. It is really nicely done but I have not been able to find much information on the carver nor how collectible his works are. I have found one...
  2. Hello, It looks to me like a Victorian Lorgnette. I can’t tell from the picture but many of these have a secret button that makes the second glass pop away from the first. Do a google search for...
  3. Hi JM. First I want to say that I hope this message finds you in good health. I was actually going through my collection today while enduring our isolation in Palm Springs and came across this bo...
  4. Very interesting. I found this in Palm Springs so probably from the same studio.
  5. I figured it out. This is a Japanese Woodblock print by Shuzo Ikeda.
  6. Sorry for the typo. I meant to say there are many "examples" out there.
  7. Hello, I believe those are Napolean Bees. Try searching for that instead of flies... There are many a maples out there. Good Luck!
  8. Hello, It appears you have a porcelain piece from the Emperor Quianlong and dates from 1736 to 1795. Although there are Reproduction marks from the twentieth century out there, your mark actually...
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