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  1. Thank you all for the love, racer, Manikin, geo and agh, much appreciated.
  2. The guy in the back on the right is one scary dude. Love this!!
  3. OMG Amber, you are so right!! He's so ugly, but someone really worked hard on him.
  4. Thank you for the love, soul, sean and phil!
  5. Thank you all for the love guys...Sean, Oz, Amber, thefashionstudio, geo, racer, ttom, vetraio, mcheconi, and agh!!
  6. What? You didn't grab it run like the dickens? Where was your sense of adventure? Who really would have noticed anyway? :) Yes I bet your right about looking down onto the street at a higher elev...
  7. Thank you Sean, I'm glad someone would, although I think it might look pretty darn snazzy!! Oh my, picturing the doe skin gloves and this tie together, what a statement that would make. Not sure w...
  8. Thank you for the comments and love racer and Amber, also thanks for the love kerry, geo, and ag, much appreciated.
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2004 - Kellogg's Promo Toys "The Incredibles"