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Ok.. coworker's friend who is deceased left this doll to her..  - Dollsby Sunfawn
in Dolls
My favorite Haviland Plate..  - China and Dinnerwareby Sunfawn
in China and Dinnerw…
My picture some tell me is ugly, but I love it ~ - Animalsby Sunfawn
in Animals
Salt Glaze Pottery Jar.. Beautiful.. Unknown Maker .. ~ - Potteryby Sunfawn
in Pottery
My very odd stuffed doll?  political figure?  advertising?  ~ - Dollsby Sunfawn
in Dolls
Handblown Glass Pitcher..Made by ??   - Glasswareby Sunfawn
in Glassware
My Beautiful old blue glass vase ~ - Art Glassby Sunfawn
in Art Glass
My Greatest Mystery Pottery Piece ~ - Potteryby Sunfawn
in Pottery
My old reverse painted glass opium snuff bottle ~  - Bottlesby Sunfawn
in Bottles