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Olympia, WA

I am an avid antique/collectible collector.. Love so many different forms of art, glassware, pottery, majolica, faience.. all <3


Ok.. coworker's friend who is deceased left this doll to her..  - Dollsin Dolls
My favorite Haviland Plate..  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
My picture some tell me is ugly, but I love it ~ - Animalsin Animals
Salt Glaze Pottery Jar.. Beautiful.. Unknown Maker .. ~ - Potteryin Pottery
My very odd stuffed doll?  political figure?  advertising?  ~ - Dollsin Dolls
Handblown Glass Pitcher..Made by ??   - Glasswarein Glassware
My Beautiful old blue glass vase ~ - Art Glassin Art Glass
My Greatest Mystery Pottery Piece ~ - Potteryin Pottery
My old reverse painted glass opium snuff bottle ~  - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. It is so beautiful.. Reminds me of Fostoria glass dish I had.. but looks like someone is saying Northwood.. I am not an expert.. SO Beautiful.. Great find for you : )
  2. Thanks, Jewls and Manikin.. No markings on it at all .. looks very crudely made.
  3. Thanks, Sean68.. I looked Fornasetti up.. Very cool artistry.. I can see..
  4. No label on it ho2cultcha ~ Thank you so much for your feedback.. !! What company was your piece made by.. I am just happy to know what the style is called.
  5. So gorgeous.. Love czech glass and pottery.. :)
  6. That is exactly how this piece is.. I have been looking on their sites.. see lot of bottles.. and some vases.. but not close in enough to see crimped.. which mine definitely is.. :) Believing your ex...
  7. Thought Charlie McCarthy as your prior suggestion.. monacle.. bowtie.. ? Would think I would be able to find the exact pattern.. but not so far.. I always want to find exact match.. to figure out wha...
  8. You know what.. after seeing your expertise here.. I am going to go with your thought of Charlie Chaplin.. rather than Charlie McCarthy.. Still trying to find exact pattern.. :| Determined.. :)
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My old reverse painted glass opium snuff bottle ~ Mum's paper weight from late 60's early 70's Chinese Snuff bottle??? Spot the Midcentury Prints Loetz FloraformTulip Vase Circa 1903, rare color Vohann Pottery "Kaleidoskope" Ashtray CANDELIERE CONTRAPUNTO DA ROS  / CENEDESE  Hello!  elephant!  Two large Art Deco vases. French? Espaivet? Bohemian Pink/Lavender Enamelled Opalescent Cased Footed Vase Frank Lloyd Wright--SC Johnson Wax Vintage Cigar Lighter


posted 2 months ago