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San francisco

This is my african wall in my bedroom and the African bedding I made from authintic african Fabric also the big mask in the middle I got For free off of Craig'This is my african wall in my bedroom and the African bedding I made from authintic african Fabric also the big mask in the middle I got For free off of Craig's list but I had to repair it All the other african baskets and mask came from thrift stores nothing was over $20 (Read more)


  1. Re: dav2no1 we see no marking anywhere we look at the brass plat and bottom of drawers no marks
  2. Re: dav2no1 I will look later today,thanks
  3. Re: dav2no1 thanks ,no there is no tag on the table
  4. Re: Artfoot Thank you very much for all info.????
  5. Re: Bruce99 yes I do know what the beat is but I think it’s something else ?,thanks
  6. Yes the overall condition is very good for its age but sorry I don’t have pictures of the damage claw feet there’s some parts of the claw feet missing.
  7. Re: Fortapache yes I did buy the Trunk once she said only $10
  8. re newfld : yes the bird is operational.
  9. I meant to thank spiritBear
  10. Thanks,SpiritBird for the comment, I took of the face and on the back of the movement I only see these numbers 42/105. And 7332 I don’t know what these numbers mean I also see no maker marks or nam...
  11. Re: cwersmen I would love to see the gk cuckoo clock thanks
  12. Re:cwesrman - I did a google search on GK gebrunder Kuner cuckoo clocks and found this cool website called https//www.Justcollecting.com/miscellania/gebrunder-Kuner-cucko... With lots of info sorry b...
  13. Yay,Stuart Abelman Mystery solved Thank you " swfinluv1"
  14. Re:Eye4beauty wow! David small house,thank you.
  15. Thank you all for the comments.
  16. Re: thank you slackjack yes I bought the grandfather clock I will ad more pictures of the clock and movement the clock is a one day 30 hour brass movement one weight the movement is older then the cas...
  17. Re:Shareurpassion no I didn't buy,thanks for the comment.
  18. Nice trunk so nice to see the interior compartment .
  19. Hi, nice clock, I Believe you're Clock to Be an "ogre" one day (weight driven?) clock with from the mid 1800's circa 1840's 1860's flame mahogany case the clock get its name I believe from the curve...
  20. Love,love,love the trunks.
  21. Kathy Kay ,Thanks for the comment, wow your excelsior trunks are absolutely gorgeous. You should add mor pictures of the inside I would love to see the inside of your excelsior trunks thanks again.
  22. Hi, I love your trunk. I have one like yours but mine still retains its original interior compartments but unfortunately missing the front straps and the side handles Did you replace your handles i...
  23. Hi, please delete my comment I need to correct the spelling thanks.
  24. The ring definitely reads/mark 18k,G K not GR but thanks( Efesgirl) for the info I gladly appreciated.
  25. Thank you Efesgirl, I meant found at thrift store for $16 I thought it was Helzberg But wanted someone to tell me if they thought so. Thank you so much for the information and the website link.
  26. I don't see how this trunk could be a child's trunk at only 1 foot wide and 7.5 " tall
  27. Ya it could be a corner or courting chair but I do know this is eastlake chair made made by Charles eastlake circa 1870's-1890's nice chair I would also not paint.
  28. Thank for the comments very much appreciated
  29. Thank to everyone for the wonderful comments
  30. Re: Mubursby,Sorry but I don't plain on selling this trunk, but thanks.
  31. Re:Celiene sorry I don't have the truck with the dolls someone else sent me the link it's on Pinterest.
  32. Re: Manikin, Thank you for your comment/info I've also heard of toy trunk.
  33. Re Shawnicus thanks for the info,I added new pic of the cuckoo 36" in a new posting I took some 8 day clock weights and Pendulum of of another cuckoo clock that I Had and the cclock is now runni...
  34. Thanks slackjack .
  35. No it's 21"long and 2"wide
  36. I think you cuckoo clock is a railroad style cuckoo these clock were in Train station back in the 1880's-1910 many have inlay wooden trim I have one like yours but mine has inlay trim I hope this ...
  37. I was thinking maybe vanilla bean pod Thanks for your comments.
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Antique huge tall boy dresser Arthur Pequegnat Mantle Clock, Tokio Model, Mission Style, C1910,Berlin,Ontario Antique Grandfather Clock my  columns french clock Highly Carved Large Black Forest Cuckoo Clock junghans regulator clock (small) Leather Covered 1870's Toy Trunk Westbury hanging clock Excelsior 1868 Patent trunk, Oak Slat 1960's Jeweled Kit-Cat Clock


COCA-COLA FISHTAIL SIGN LIGHT UP  I am ready to take off  in classic truck . French  Vienna regulator  clock