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Kingman, Kansas (near Wichita)

I learn as I go - make some mistakes but learn from them.


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Piano player caricature made in Italy - Figurinesin Figurines
Dining chairs intricately carved legs - Furniturein Furniture
Asian dolls - wood head, cloth garments - Asianin Asian
Heavy aluminum kettle - Kitchenin Kitchen
Is you is or is you ain't my baby - Potteryin Pottery
Max Roesler art deco donut? Surely not ! - Potteryin Pottery
I had no idea Fostoria made this type of glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Staffordshire Ewe and Ram spill vases - Animalsin Animals
These cups grow on you - Kitchenin Kitchen
"S" inside painter's palette: Sabin - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. I would say 1910, 1920. These chair were designed in Austria - made and marked - "Made in Poland". Jacob Kohn together with his son Josef Kohn founded the enterprise in 1849. Kohn would later rise...
  2. How awesome, Manikin. Thank you so much. They sure had me puzzled. So Hong Kong it is. Thanks again. And thanks for the loves, racer4four and aghcollect.
  3. Thanks, Shean. Have a great weekend.
  4. McCoy teapot
  5. Hard to see, but it looks like Brentwood White Lace
  6. I have Frankoma pieces just marked USA
  7. I unpacked some items recently that had been stored away for years. They were carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. Yikes, as I unwrapped, the paint stuck to the bubble wrap. Obviously, this had been s...
  8. Your best bet is to send in a photo of your pattern to : http://www.replacements.com/china/N.htm They will identify the pattern for you. There are so many Noritake patterns, that may be your easies...
  9. I still think it's a pear rather than a bag. There are several distilleries near that area of France that make a pear liqueur or pear schnaps.
  10. My advice is to look on Ebay and Rubylane. There is a whole collection of these doggies on the market (salt & pepper shakers, cookie jars, etc). At least that'll give you an idea of the value. Happy...
  11. It's Shawnee Pottery.
  12. Weirdpucket, delizioso piatto, ma que di cattivo gusto... Thanks for the tip. Thanks Phil for the comment. I agree totally.
  13. I've seen Royal Bayreuth that is vey similar.
  14. Hi TubeAm - yup, that's the one I've seen with the little cherubs. Never with these ladies...I will keep digging. Thanks, all and Merry Christmas
  15. Riaz, yes, my thinking but with the absence of a mark on the underside other than a ITALY under the final glaze ... it's just strange and makes me be sceptical.
  16. Ya think? It's going into the closet when the grandkids come over tonight !!!
  17. Thanks Sean. I had to try to find some humor in this purchase. Merry Christmas to you too.
  18. Takeya is a Japanese first name. Could it be an a instead of an e on the end?
  19. I wonder if someone had some of the links removed.
  20. Hi FiddleMando I have several pieces from Byron Mold. Just like Atlantic Mold, you can buy these blank pieces, in other words they come to you white, and then each person paints them however they li...
  21. Je n'aurais jamais osé convertir une telle pièce. Super ideé.
  22. Thanks, surfdub66, aghcollect & Jewels for the loves ! Appreciate the support from everyone.
  23. Thank you so much Kyra. I had no idea this even existed !
  24. Thanks Virginia
  25. Love the clean design.
  26. Thank you Jewels and Racer, and thanks aghcollect for the love.
  27. Thanks, Anne.
  28. Done. Again thanks.
  29. Oh my goodness. I am actually old enough to remember those redemptions. What great info, aghcollect. Thank you so much.
  30. This whole set is a mystery. The fronts are all the same. There are 6 plates total and some have NOTHING on them except a USA (part of the mold). Two have that S with the painter's palette. Some h...
  31. Good evening aghcollect and Jewels. Thank you so much for helping me out. I love these plates, but they really presented quite the ?? for me. Jewels, most of the plates are blank, they only have US...
  32. What an unusual piece. I've never seen anything like it. Very beautiful.
  33. Thanks, Racer. I really love the color too.
  34. Thanks, Jewels, & Manikin. Mystery solved.
  35. Hi Racer I've added pictures of the bottoms. They are smooth and translucent and show the inside of the vase like a flower. Thanks.
  36. Hi racer. I will take a picture tonight when I get home from my slave job.
  37. I am just learning the "lingo". I've heard that word before. Thank you ho2cultcha. I'll write that down.
  38. I am sort of new at figurines and am amazed how many don't have any type of marking at all. Thanks for your comments Jewels.
  39. Jewels, I can't find any markings at all.
  40. The photo on the left looks like a courthouse with judges and attorneys on the courtsteps. I would suggest sending the photo to the American Bar Association and the Mass. Bar Association. They will ...
  41. I wish I knew how to go about doing homework on them. Where would you suggest I start? Thanks for any help with this.
  42. Okie dokie. Well, what's fire wood to some is beautiful to others I suppose. Thanks, Phil.
  43. Thanks, Jewels. I am on pins an needles to find out more.
  44. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Unfortunately, there is no marking at all on this vase.
  45. Thanks all. Royal Haeger it is.
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