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Junker Blue Lenses in Leather Holder - Camerasin Cameras
Information  re. stoneware jug - Potteryin Pottery
Help identifying this Pabst Blue Ribbon oak item - Brewerianain Breweriana
Can anyone tell me what card game this vintage item is used for? - Cardsin Cards
Can anyone ID the maker of this glass clown / jester? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Salt shaker identification. Doulton Lambeth? - Potteryin Pottery
Delft Pitcher Identification - Potteryin Pottery
Please help to identify this tin item? - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Is this Wedgwood? - Potteryin Pottery
Vintage Regal Tube Amp  - Guitarsin Guitars


  1. Agreed. I'd like to know its purpose. Here's a thought. It was a salesman sample on a chain with other examples.
  2. Just got the "Common People" excerpt confirming the blue glasses. I'll consider it "mystery solved." Thanks for all your insights!
  3. @ keramikos The end with the hole is open, but is rounded making it not possible to remove the rectangular piece of glass. I've wondered if the hole was meant for a chain.
  4. I just found an article entitled "Poole, the First World War and its Legacy" from the Poole Museum with this: "The stokers would wear blue-tinted glasses to protect their eyes from the intense glare...
  5. @ keramikos Thanks for help and references. The logo for the Swiss company and this one are different. (Although the logo could have changed over the years) This Junker logo looks a guy shoveling...
  6. @AnythingObscure That's what I like, creative albeit slightly warped, thinking. Thanks!
  7. Keramikos Great, entertaining response . Thanks
  8. Thanks Gillian for the reponse and patent research. Per my question I'd still like to determine what specific card game would have use for this. Thanks Collectables59 for your response and Whist an...
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