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Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. Stoneware Mug - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Mystery woven rattan 4' x 6' c. WWII - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
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Can anyone tell me what card game this vintage item is used for? - Cardsin Cards
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  1. AnythingObscure: Thanks for your response. You see the Red Wing Union Stoneware mark on lots of vintage crocks, but I've never seen a mug with that marking before.
  2. Thanks again Scott!
  3. Excellent! The right "wing" matches the Philippines flag and the camapaign was 1944-45. I'll consider mystery solved. Thanks so much! Brad
  4. Agreed. I'd like to know its purpose. Here's a thought. It was a salesman sample on a chain with other examples.
  5. Just got the "Common People" excerpt confirming the blue glasses. I'll consider it "mystery solved." Thanks for all your insights!
  6. @ keramikos The end with the hole is open, but is rounded making it not possible to remove the rectangular piece of glass. I've wondered if the hole was meant for a chain.
  7. I just found an article entitled "Poole, the First World War and its Legacy" from the Poole Museum with this: "The stokers would wear blue-tinted glasses to protect their eyes from the intense glare...
  8. @ keramikos Thanks for help and references. The logo for the Swiss company and this one are different. (Although the logo could have changed over the years) This Junker logo looks a guy shoveling...
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