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Cape Canaveral Florida USA

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As I have been collecting and selling anything with vacuum tubes/valves for many years. I have been an avid admirer of anything with tubes valves eveAs I have been collecting and selling anything with vacuum tubes/valves for many years. I have been an avid admirer of anything with tubes valves ever since I was a young kid and saw those glowing lights in the back of our huge 18 inch TV ....way back in the 1960's. I have owned and sold many tubes, radios, amplifiers, phonographs, TV's, Ham shortwave, NASA Scientific pieces even Quack devices that claimed magical healing powers! I am still buying collecting and selling, I tried to stop but it is just not possible! Tony (Read more)


  1. Another great German phone
  2. Beautiful German phone :)
  3. Shaving was so much simpler then! cheaper too!
  4. Its definitely a metal case, Arvin made a lot of these metal midgets for the lower end of the radio market.
  5. Thanks nutsabotas6 ....the radio does look new and I cannot see any evidence of a respray. Its like it has been packed and sealed for 70 years
  6. Thanks Sean,Virginia and Amber ! Its a cool piece that makes me feel like I should wear a kilt....but then again that would not be a pretty sight!
  7. Looks like the radio is from the 511 - 512 series from 1951/52, 5 tubes, BC(AM) Tony
  8. Thanks shareurpassion, the art is one of many great works by local artist DecoVoo
  9. Thanks, shareurpassion. Yes this fine work is hard to find these days as most things are just thrown together as quickly as possible.
  10. RFT= Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik Great Vintage phone
  11. A Beautiful console which I believe is the 9-S-367 from 1939 featuring the "new Robot Dial". It receives 3 bands and has 9 tubes. Cheers ~ Tony
  12. Cool little portable radio from around 1948-1949 model 567. There should be 4 tubes inside and the case is made of wood but covered in a paper like velum/cloth material and if you examine it closer it...
  13. Nice console, looks like the model 89L which was made between 1932-1935. According to my stats the radio should have 6 tubes and also receives Short Wave. Like many Philco models at that time they mad...
  14. Matchbooks like these were so collectable, I remember people having collections by the hundreds, even thousands!
  15. Nice little set! Working is a bonus!
  16. Thanks Rose, cool cat pic
  17. I know how you feel Virginia, but it can be an obsession!
  18. Thanks zguy2112 ~ these old military radios are masterpieces in thier own right, I mean well built is an understatement.
  19. I agree pops 52 !
  20. A great collectable from 1950 with a Red or Black version and also different foil fronts. The all metal case could take some punishment and also could handle the heat from the tubes. All the best T...
  21. Yep that's a keeper, very nice radio. The Crosley Showbox was released in 1928, which was the year when AC radios hit the public.
  22. A nice Philips radio and rare to find with the glass dial intact! As you can plainly see it was very easy to break the top dial. I also believe the dial was lit from the bottom of the glass which made...
  23. Great radio find! The radio is basically a basic 07-5B "Senior Varsity" model from 1939 with Dionne Quintuplets transfers attached. The Quints were a huge advertizing deal back then and the people cou...
  24. Hi Peg, nice radio. That is the "Melody Cruiser" from 1939, a fairly rare radio, seen now and again on ebay etc and a great collectable. Most collectors will advise not to restore unless it is totally...
  25. Looks similar to the 4 tube model 21A4 from 1947. A basic cheap portable battery AM radio which were fairly popular back then. Usully seen with stripes at the bottom front. General TV of Chicago Illin...
  26. Hi Reed, nice console! The RE 73 was made in 1931 and should have 8 tubes. As for value it is the same as always...What condition the radio phono and tubes are in and what people are willing to pay. A...
  27. A good solid state stereo player with detachable speakers from 1969/70. Rated as having 32 watts peak. Working in excellent condition approx worth about $100. Tony
  28. A Beautiful Emud 1211 console from 1963. Like most the european radios of this period, it is precision made in a quality cabinet. As for price it all depends on condition of the console cabinet, all t...
  29. Hi, Nice radio! looks like a Zenith "Zephyr" model 491/ 10s from 1940. 10 tubes, 3 bands and phono. Look after that beauty! Tony ~ TubesValves
  30. Hi, if you could find a model number on the back of the chassis I might be able to date the console. It looks similar to the model 1035PLW from 1942 with AM/FM & Shortwave bands. There were a few simi...
  31. Hi, nice radio! It is the Zenith Trans-Oceanic 8G005 circa 1948/49.The bottom section(brass catch) should open to reveal instructions etc. Transoceanics were(and still are) a fantastic radio! Tony ...
  32. Quite often radios came out with different names, take a look at the "CONTINENTAL 1600" from 1948, it looks to be the same radio, 5 tubes and can fetch a good price. Tony , Cheers!
  33. Looks like a Sparton 10 from 1931 which would have received BC(AM) via its 7 tubes. Its worth varies upon condition and how bad someone needs it! Do not apply power again untill you have had someone ...
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sylvania stereo can you help with this/ old  Zenith Radio/ looking for value or one like it RCA radio that I used to have 1929, The Lowboy, Late Version (Models 40, 76, 87 & 95)


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