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  1. I was actually almost going to do that!
  2. Thanks! One more question, is there any easy way to translate the writing?
  3. Also is the ingot in a mold or is the whole thing an ingot.
  4. Thanks! Is there a name for this?
  5. Thanks Scott! I just looked at the return address and it was from a man named Harry Middleton who listed his address as the 15th US Infantry!
  6. Thanks Hunter
  7. Thanks BELLIN68
  8. Thank You!
  9. Thanks Scott and Rob!
  10. No, why?
  11. Can you post a picture of the back? In my opinion they look like postcards. Just because something can not be found on eBay does not mean it is worth something. You are either using too many terms or ...
  12. Thanks Chrisnp, I think mine is an Ersatz bayonet.
  13. Does anyone have any ideas about this?
  14. Thanks!
  15. Any idea of the age?
  16. Thanks AR8Jason!
  17. Do you think it is missing anything?
  18. Thank you rocker-sd!
  19. Couldn't the dirt be over the white area?
  20. The only thing I could recommend is to have it authenticated by a company such as PSA DNA.
  21. Size does not matter, the image is a tintype in a CDV mount.
  22. CDV stands for carte de visite.
  23. Thanks tlmbaran!
  24. Thanks stepback_antiques!
  25. Thanks pickingupbones!
  26. There is no identification but it was definitely taken in WWII. The only information that I have is that the photographer was stationed on the USS Colorado, which was built in the 1920s giving the shi...
  27. Thanks, I believe the photographer was Chris Ballas of the US Navy. Their work is priceless in a historical sense but of little monetary value.
  28. Thank you very much Mich.
  29. I do not think he was a collector. I think it might be more of a veterans souvenir type piece though. Thanks
  30. Thanks RonM
  31. Thanks Manikin and RonM.
  32. Thanks Fossilhunter!
  33. Thank you fossilhunter!
  34. Thanks Scott. The backs are blank.
  35. Do you think they have any value?
  36. They are about 3.5" x 5". Thanks Scott and I will be posting the other photos today.
  37. Post-mortem photos were common in that era and can be frequently found on this websites as well as auction sites such as eBay. It is simply a piece of history.
  38. Hey Scott, I got some photos today and I was wondering if you would like to see them. I have several photographs that show a kamikaze pilot flying into a ship and eventually hitting the ship causing ...
  39. Thanks Scott!
  40. How much if the barrel was 40"?
  41. It is shorter.
  42. What do you think the value is?
  43. Thanks Scott. That image is very nice!
  44. Thanks electobacco!
  45. Thanks electobacco.
  46. Thanks bratjdd!
  47. I do have a story about the best photo I ever had though. A few years ago I was given (yes 1-2 buck guy I was GIVEN) a Victorian photo album filled with photos. Inside was a cabinet card of a white ma...
  48. Scott, I am not sure how many other antique photos I have right now (I usually sell most of them within a week of purchasing them). However, when I get some more (hopefully in the next few days), I wi...
  49. Vanskyock24, I have had this previously valued at $40.
  50. Thank you Scott.
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