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My Great Grandmothers Mantel Clock ( French) - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Look very similar to one my Great Grandmother had, the drop down door was where the porcelain potty ( or guzunder) (goes under)( as my nan called it )was kept during the night , usually a matching w...
  2. I remember something similar in my Great Grandmothers house , and my other Grandmas, the used to put plastic flowers in them, sort a floral arrangement. I recall that they were Japanese pottery. It is...
  3. Oh that is a magnificent timepiece , how wonderful the chimes are , and how right you are if you don't hear them for a bit ,miss them. a truly beautiful clock. Thankyou for loving mine also.
  4. Ohhh how wonderful, I remember getting these every year in the Xmas pudding at my Grandmas ( 1950's to 1970's) after the pudding we would give them back for next year.
  5. A great piece I inherited one of these adult size in 1984 from my Nanna. Circa 1920's It lived in the bedside pedestal cabinet because the " loo" was outside " up the yard" in those days.
  6. Oh superbly beautiful, looks very French to me, so fine the detail. I was told the brass used in French and German workings is inferior to English made, so wear and tear more apparent. Such a find a...
  7. Positively beautiful , I have one almost identical, french made, double chimer sounds so melodic up till last month, chimes started jitterbugging and shuddering. I,m just about to have it repaired $ 6...
  8. Ohh truly beautiful, is it a double chimer? I have one almost identical, workings made in France. The chimes just started making shuddering noises so I am having someone look at it, the cost will be $...


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