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  1. Do excuse my offering to help you identify this piece. I do not wish to tire anyone out, nor suck the fun from the room! I leave my findings with you, and shall refrain from commenting again. B...
  2. Hi again, Respectfully, I'm not sure what you mean when you say you believe this piece is original? Original to whom? The Vikings?? :) I'd guess yours is an older replica of the very same museum pie...
  3. Yes, it appears they were doing a fair bit of guesswork themselves, and/or they had copy/pasted some info from a previous listing, and forgot to change some of the details. Anyway, heres a link to ...
  4. Did you read my posts 36 & 37 above, toracat? Its been identified as a replica piece of Bronze Age jewellery.
  5. Yes, as Hems303 has alluded to... its worth having it tested once it arrives toracat, so you can determine the metal for certain. The pink blush in some of these pictures may suggest a base metal whic...
  6. They are still being produced in bronze, gold, silver etc. Here is a photo: http://www.museum-jewelry.dk/includes/visfoto.asp?id=65
  7. Toracat, this is a replica of an ancient piece of Icelandic bronze age jewelry that was found in an archaeological dig. I very nearly bought the same piece myself a number of years ago in Denmark. It ...
  8. This is so pretty Amberrose! :)
  9. Hello Louna, from another fragophile ;) You have a beautiful collection... I could spend many hours foraging through those! :)
  10. Love this! Unfortunately I don't know a thing about it, but I certainly appreciate it from a design perspective. Enjoy it in good health! :)
  11. Lovely presentations! :)
  12. Uff! Me again :) Sorry! Have just unearthed this old print advertisement from a paper in belgium. Unfortunately it gives no indication of the date, AND its also in French. It would appear Mede made ...
  13. No that can't be right either, I rather foolishly overlooked the "Paris"! I agree with Stillwater: these are 99% likely to be perfume flacons. Now you have me very intrigued! If the paint comes off e...
  14. They're STUNNING, by the way! A set any perfume enthusiast would love in their collection. :)
  15. "La Mede" is the name of a town in Provence, the region which is widely considered as the perfume capital of the world. I will have a dig through my reference material and see if i can find any perfum...
  16. Im with you, Reanee - commercial bottles of all houses are my passion too - especially vintage ones. I will bookmark your page and look forward to updates at your convenience :)
  17. Reanee2 - it is EXQUISITE!!!!!!! Its wonderful to find another Cherry Blossom fan! :) And I see you have the stunning 7ml parfum quadrilobe miniatures - something I am still yet to source!! The tall...
  18. Such a unique piece - I adore it!
  19. I just find these incredibly beautiful! What a wonderful collection you've amassed. Enjoy them in good health Marc!
  20. Stunning piece :)
  21. Stunning! :)
  22. Very strong graphic! I adore it!
  23. Beautiful piece! :)
  24. Yes I saw it - its wonderful!!
  25. Stunning! A lovely find! Congratulations!
  26. Awesome piece!
  27. All lovely, flowerrose... but Im also very fond of the Art Deco bottle at No.2 :)
  28. Wonderful - you now have me very intrigued, and I shall let you know if I happen upon some bit of information that may help :)
  29. Beautiful piece with such mystery attached! I'm guessing (as others have noted above) that it might have been mounted to commemorate Diorissimo winning a Floral category in Perfumery that year. Still,...
  30. These are gorgeous!! All this talk of low-sodium diets... lets raise the flag for putting salters back on tabletops! Especially when they're as beautiful as these!
  31. The lower name that is obscured with stamped letters, looks to read something like "T. SH...FORD". What could a potential surname be if we filled in the blanks? SHELFORD? SHEREFORD?
  32. These look like TopForm of Holland to me. Might be worth checking out. Beautiful work, by the way!
  33. This bottle was used from 1966 - 1977, and this packaging suggests late 70s. Nice find!
  34. A beautiful Dior presentation! (I also date it 50s/60s). I have one also, identical in every regard, except it is missing its paper label. Yours is gorgeous!
  35. Love it!
  36. Hello! Part of the joy of collecting for me is the thrill of the chase... nothing compares to having your heart hammer when you find a Viard flacon at a fleamarket, or a rare presentation for a few do...
  37. I also have a soft spot for Worth! I would LOVE to find a brilliant green SANS ADIEU or dreamy PROJETS flacon :) Yes - the Shalimar flacon has had many facelifts in recent years, but nothing beats th...
  38. Beautiful! My wife works at Georg Jensen, so if I find anything, I shall let you know.
  39. Beautiful MiKKo! aand still with its lovely patina!!
  40. Gorgeous, MiKKo!! There is something about those diaphanous stars and lovely blue that makes this flacon such a treasure! Wonderful to see yours has original label and twine too! :)
  41. Bellin, TABAC is the french word for Tobacco and was used a lot in perfume names, particularly in the early 20th century. I know the German TABAC fragrance you are referring to though - and I also ha...
  42. Thank you for the welcome vetraio50 - fellow Australian :) Your flacon is stunning! The information provided by other members above is very sound. There were several perfumes presented in this fla...
  43. Showin' some love! :)
  44. A steal indeed! Congratulations :)
  45. Adore Bjørn Wiinblad - lovely piece! :)
  46. I stumbled upon your gallery on flickr long before joining this website - I love your collection... and have a soft spot for Bitossi!
  47. A wonderful assortment! Enjoy, flowerrose :)
  48. Beautiful, congratulations on your find. Coty's CHYPRE is one of Coty's most sought-after perfume releases - I'm very certain the lucky recipient of your bottle is thrilled!
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