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My Favorite Antique Desk - Furniturein Furniture


  1. I am amazed at what true craftsman can do. Camera shutters and pocket watches which employ extremely small and delicate moving parts which still work after 100 years, blows my mind. I wish the vinta...
  2. Watch out Dance Bands are very popular. Only "up cycle" the waltzes, leave the foxtrots alone.
  3. Scott, they truly are works of art.
  4. Brian, I also agree. However, Shep Field, and Homer Rodenhever are free game.
  5. That is all kinds of COOL!
  6. Here is a website where you can listen to them on line. https://archive.org/details/CompleteHitOfTheWeekRecordings1930-1932
  7. It's an American Eskimo, formerly known as a Spitz. Mine is right next to me at this moment and I recognize it's playful pose. Incredibly smart bred. Mine loves people, but hates other dogs.
  8. Ddstardd, since you have the model number, do you have the year of manufacture?
  9. I would say mid to late 1960's. My first job was as a repairman of home entertainment equipment in 1968. I worked for a distributor for RCA and Voice of Music. The style is very much of the 60's pe...
  10. Love it! it was eventually replaced by the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile. Just joking, Great piece of automotive history.
  11. Outstanding, not only the design, but the condition as well. Either a prototype or homemade by an excellent craftsman. Quite a find either way! Any indication as to the lens and shutter maker?
  12. All my railroad approved watches are modern seikos.
  13. I love old pocket watches too. What is the function of the upper dial?
  14. You are welcome ho2cultcha!
  15. Why do I think that it will cost more for the chair to match it?
  16. I think I got my $60.00 worth.
  17. I would like to thank all of you for taking interest in my newly acquired desk. I appreciate all of the comments that this post generated. It is nice to be able to tap into so many people who have the...
  18. Phil and ho2 Do you believe it to be American made? What circa date do you believe it to be? One further note, there are no marking on the piece to indicate the maker.
  19. New Picture have been added. tried three times to reorder their positions, then gave up.
  20. I deleted the double listing but can't figure out how to delete some photos and replace them with others.
  21. The escutcheons match, it just that three are missing. It is also missing a lock on the top center draw. One of the pigeon holes is missing its bottom, and on the opposite side it is missing one of it...
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Why records? 1909 Elgin up $ down wind indicator- 16s-21j- lever set grade 454- Father Time 1930-1932 "Hit Of The Week" 78 rpm Records Made of Durium Painting Of An American Eskimo/Spitz Dog By George Augustus Baker, Jr. (1821-1880) General Electric Stereo Television console GM Heritage Center Post #4 Miniature model of a typical brewing place of the first half of our century My Favorite Antique Desk