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Likes RS Prussia, art glass, furniture, lamps, etc.


  1. I'm sorry to say that this item is a reproduction. Please visit the RS Prussia Facebook page - there's an extensive showing of fake and misleading items. Also, the club website can...
  2. You can visit the RS Prussia Facebook page. The "pinned post" (first comment/discussion thread) has numerous examples of fake and misleading items and marks.
  3. I think these flowers are called Cantebury bells. Very nice decor.
  4. This plate is definitely RS Prussia - the mark was probably torn when the decal was applied. Visit and the rsprussia Facebook page.
  5. JPenn, your item is a R. S. Prussia carnation mold chocolate pot, in the "watered silk" finish. It appears to be missing the lid and is, unfortunately, badly damaged. If in good condition, it'd go f...
  6. Wellheeled, the shape and design is in the art deco style - streamlined, without detailed molded borders, and the color is more typical of the 1920s. I would use this for display, rather than for ser...
  7. Hi. Your set is probably from the 1920s. It was produced by the Reinhold Schlegelmilch in his second factory in Tillowitz, now Tulowice, Poland. and are probabl...
  8. Nice deco item!
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