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  1. Looks like a cold-painted (sometimes called Vienna or Austrian) bronze. I can't tell from the photos, but it appears there was a metal hoop at one time, probably for hanging. This may have been part o...
  2. Out west, those are called chimenea. They're basically just an outdoor fireplace.
  3. @vetraio50 Hopefully it won't throw more confusion your way regarding this mystery, but there were two Princesses Marie Amelie, both related, both close to Victoria, and both from Leiningen (Baden)...
  4. I wonder about the egg cups too! I found a Leiningen (Baden) royal family crest so very much like the one on your silver cups (same motto on the strap and buckle, ermine trimmed crown) that I believe ...
  5. Still hoping chinablue sees the recent posts. I'm wondering if she's had the portrait looked at in the past few months, and what (if anything) she's discovered in that time.
  6. Also posting an image of a digital restoration that I did, how I think your portrait might look after restoration. If you ever have that done, please post pics!
  7. Correcting an earlier post of mine. According to Wiki, Marie was born in 1817, and would have been 19 years old at the time of the portrait, not 30. What a beauty!
  8. Mikko, I don't know whether an inquiry to Courtauld has been made. They'd likely have solved this in much shorter order than I was able to. The portrait in the link above resides in The Royal Coll...
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