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  1. Thanks for the clues OlofZ! It's about 10 inches high, but I have no idea what the other sizes are. Probably moderate, as you said. And I think you are correct about the lines not being worn away natu...
  2. for the embossed mark, I assume you mean the indention in the glaze to the upper left of the mark, as seen in the second picture? If so, as far as I can tell, it looks like just the number "1" and not...
  3. thanks cjgoet and mary -- cjgoet, sorry for the late reply, I saw a few of the ring boxes while doing the research for this, and think they are just great. Mary, thanks for the website, someone else ...
  4. thank you so much for the information Mary! I thought maybe it would be from 1832, because that's on the plate as well, but I guess not. Maybe that's the pattern number?
  5. wound up searching some of the other posts, and found the mark is a Ridgway mark, and it looks like it might be real. So cool!
  6. I have a pair of chairs like this but with seperate foot rests as well and I love them. I had to recover the fabric though, it was eaten away. I got mine from a house where they were left behind. th...
  7. so halloweeny, I love it!
  8. great looking clock, even if it is a frankencoke.
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Radisson Beach Chairs


posted 4 years ago