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  1. Likely mail order, i.e. Sears or Montgomery Ward. You often see these numbers stenciled on multi-piece furniture for the warehouse pickers to find the part numbers to fill orders.
  2. I found one copy online. It was at Sounds like it's in comparable shape to yours for $75.
  3. When letterpress printers gather it's called a wayzgoose. They buy/ sell/ swap old cuts, type, stories, etc. You can buy this size and style of cuts pretty affordably. I've seen paper box lids fill...
  4. Oh what a collector would pay to own these photographs-- let alone the machines! WOW! Thank you for sharing these!
  5. Yep, I can't say about Packard (I don't know them), but you're right, I was mistaken-- not a T!
  6. Try checking with whatever local level historical organization would cover Peru, Indiana - like a county historical society. They may be able to help. I like this a lot!
  7. Ford Model T. Earlier than later, it seems, but your man in front is blocking the information. I like it!
  8. All things Indiana Jones, check here:
  9. Any markings at all? I don't recognize it on sight.
  10. It's very interesting. I've seen coins from the first half of the 1800s carved often as what collectors call "love tokens", with intertwined initials, sometimes holed so one could wear it on a chain,...
  11. It could be for a piano, to hold sheet music while playing. Yes, I agree, basically a table-top (or piano top) easel.
  12. I just noticed -- only numerals. Nevermind on checking M. My other questions stand.
  13. Is the type made of lead or brass, or maybe even pot metal? Are they petrified rubber? Any markings on the type holders or the type itself? Check the letter "M".
  14. There's a little information at the Early Office Museum. I'm sure they'd love to see your photos!
  15. It reminds me of boxes I've seen film canisters stored in, but they were more square and this looks rectangular in the photos. What are the dimensions? I like it a lot, whatever it is.
  16. No. From what I remember, they were all open on the bottom, very simple cast (?) cars. Indestructible.
  17. That brings back memories. I had about a dozen or so of these. My favorite was the dune buggy. If I remember right, I had two cars this shape, but they were blue.
  18. An aftermarket plate. 20 years ish sounds good. Not historic.
  19. Thanks for the likes and loves.
  20. This is fantastic!
  21. Motorcycle image is something else! Looks like a race.
  22. You don't want the old baseball image? Is it a postcard? I'll take it!
  23. Was this you too? Did you find your answer here? Sounds like it was in fact put on Chevys assembled at the 1933 World's Fair in ...
  24. Oh, and from your description, it may be a CAP cabinet, as in just capitals.
  25. Yep, typeface cabinet. This is what's called a 2/3rds cabinet. A nice find! I'm sure a hobby letterpress printer would give eyeteeth for it! This size is nice since it's so compact.
  26. Most of the wood type that still exists in the US was made by Hamilton. There is now a fabulous Hamilton Wood Type Museum, get in touch with them: PLEASE DO NOT USE FOR CR...
  27. Does the VF designate county, or something? Is the C something beyond the license number?
  28. Jesse James poster is definitely a fake. I've seen a lot of these. Looks like an older version of one found here:
  29. Seems pretty small for a powder flask. Maybe a handy place to keep snuff?
  30. "...beautiful driving through local oil fields..." Having lived in oil country for a while, I have never seen what I'd call a beautiful oil field.
  31. Good Roads material can be tough to find. If someone is into collecting automobile stuff from the 1910s and 1920s, this is an area of collecting I don't think anyone is paying attention to, but would...
  32. Does it list a publisher at all? That would be very helpful.
  33. That sounds right all around. Coin/currency dealers buy @ about 50% of what they think they can sell for. If I wanted to sell, I'd post on eBay with an opening bid of $99 and see what happens.
  34. Linen postcards. I always send folks interested specifically in postcards to:
  35. It looks like you do! Lucky! Condition means EVERYTHING to book collectors, but the dust jacket for this book is *really* tough to find in almost any kind of shape at all. Looks like you have a win...
  36. Can anyone recommend a good cutlery reference? Thanks!
  37. Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr, and English lady born in 1831, wrote quite a number of books. She even has a wikipedia article: Full scan...
  38. I really like this! Thanks for sharing.
  39. Your local coins shop would buy it. Do some research on ebay and see what error $20 bills from this decade sell for.
  40. There's something off on the printing. Also the signatures would be handwritten, inks would be different than the ink used in printing. Printing quality and colors say old fakes to me. The backgrou...
  41. Have seen a 3 way letter. Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal. Not as easy to read.
  42. Like all forms of coin and currency collecting, CONDITION is incredibly important. It can be the difference between face value and $100! The average silver certificates from the 1930s sell around th...
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