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Passionate about jewellery and love to recycle it into art.


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My "What's It?" - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Filagree Sailing Ship - Folk Artin Folk Art
Unusual Decanter - Bottlesin Bottles
Aynsley China Teacup - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Czech Green Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
My Pennanular Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
My Czech Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Jewellery Box made from Alabaster??? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
12KT Gold Chain with Pendants - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Lovely Hairpin? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Love love the box wood? special If Only It could Speak!! thanks for sharing..blingiton1948
  2. Oh TallCakes..this is wonderful makes me want to cry..I wish I could remember where I got it. Fabulous item..thanks so much :-))
  3. Love it..the lavendar colour is awesome..I too like Cameos..blingiton1948
  4. If only it could talk? it..don't like guns, but the story behind it could be extremely interesting..blingiton1948
  5. Thank you both for your comments. Austrohungaro..the website is perfect. I can see why they make these the way they do..My mystery is solved..thanks to the experts..blingiton1948
  6. Hi Frieheit: whats the name on the tag of the this necklace. Very cute actually. I like the chain link, its different.
  7. Hi Zowie: Like "Wowie"...wearing this bracelet would create alot of "wows" Holy, know!! Beautiful Bracelet!!
  8. Very neat pins. I too collect hatpins these are fun and quite beautiful in their own right. Keep looking...thanks for sharing.
  9. Thank you Hatpinholly and kratango..I never thought about it being painted inside, but that is probably exactly what happened here. I love it strange, but one of a kind for sure. A conversatio...
  10. Thank you Elisabethan & Amberrose: Its quite lovely, dainty. And I guess glass, but the metalwork is so intricate. Much loved at the original time it was purchased and still so..thanks again. Blingito...
  11. Thank you have the perfect name to wear it and get those comments: "Zowie" what a bracelet. Thanks for the comment..I do love this piece..
  12. Yes, perfect match. Lovely item..I need those spectacles..thanks for sharing. blingiton1948
  13. thank you..yes I think its glass..
  14. Hello Stillwater. I am so glad you commented. I needed to know this. My other Charles Horner pieces definitely have the CH in a cartouche..and the other English markings. I bought it as a Horner, litt...
  15. Thank you all for your comments..I too love that old ring..and I have it in a special place now..Glass is very beautiful I agree..if only it could speak!!
  16. This bracelet is exquisite...gotta love gold!! What a collection is it..thanks...blingiton1948
  17. BellaEpoque: hope you like the Charles Horner Pennanular too?
  18. I have on similar but without the turquoise stones all silver. Very nice..They were originally designed to keep the Scottish wraps on. I had to look on utube to find out how to use it..Quite unique.....
  19. Hi lucky1: no markings? Great piece. Love the jadeite/pearl combination. Looks to be late 50's/60's styling. Coro? or Sarah Coventry?..very nice. blingiton1948
  20. Thank you antiquerose..these are beautiful too. I did find a few on ebay, not this blue though, but when you google what colour is alabaster its always white or creamy colour..Thanks so much again. bl...
  21. Hello pacmama08..thank you so much for this. It helps me alot. I love it. It is gold and quite fragile..very delicate. I can see a Bride wearing this yes..quite lovely. Thanks again. blingiton1948
  22. What a nice collection. I would love to look at them up close and feel them. So interesting, what I can see already. I love them too and have quite a few, but I must say I am hooked on the hatpins..Ju...
  23. Love this how unique all so different. Thanks for sharing.
  24. Yes good thinking..maybe so Davhd286
  25. It could be the base of a perfume bottle. Check out the lovely perfume bottle with the fancy base recently posted..Just a thought..nice piece though..blingiton1948
  26. sweet is this!!! Diamond & all..nice find..
  27. I really love this bottle. I do wonder though if it could be made by the Neiger brothers. The metalwork does resemble some of their signature work? Don't know if they made things like this or not? Any...
  28. This is amazing. So it..Where is it from, how old. Gotta know more..blingiton1948
  29. Thank you all..
  30. Moonstonelover 21 are you out there? I need your expertise on how old this setting may be?..cosmicdeath commented today so I pulled it out again and had another look at it. Shines up like silver, but ...
  31. Hello I didn't have it appraised. It sits in a pile of junk jewellery. I think newtimes may be correct in that it is glass, however, its an old setting. I really like it too..blingiton...
  32. Wow..a beauty. Very different design than most Mexican Turquoise..Very lovely.
  33. I too am a jewellery this. thanks for sharing. blingiton1948
  34. Thank you all for your comments: A gentleman (Ted) from Whitehead & Hoag emailed me to say this:W&H is the name of the maker in Newark NJ. The acorn is a labor union mark. The logo on the front is for...
  35. Thank you all for looking at my unique Egyptian Pin..I too love it. I wish I could remember where I got it? Probably one of my grandmothers, which neither of them travelled much? Hard to say. If ONLY ...
  36. thankyou
  37. Thank you Stillwater - no sarcasm..I am not an expert on this stuff. Some of you may be thats why we have this venue..thanks again blingiton1948
  38. Well Stillwater & need to get "graphic".Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You must admit its "different"! I was hoping that some of you out there may have a suggestio...
  39. Thank you guys, It is a mystery. Both sides of the glass have the indentation so maybe for finger ease of pushing through hair/hat material. I just wish I could go back in time to see its original sta...
  40. I love it too. I have a few similar with baguette stones. I never thought of it being "soft" but understand how you can see that now, the curves are accurately done with metal..thanks for sharing.
  41. Would love to see that collection. How great is that?
  42. I was happy to see this. I too have one from my grandmother, but green. I wondered if it is bakelite? Didn't know it was called a jabot. Fun name. Thanks for sharing..blingiton1948
  43. Thank you amykathleen66..maybe I should have it appraised just to be sure..appreciate your comments..blingiton1948
  44. Thank you so much Stillwater. Yes I can this being a tedious and time-consuming job..thanks for the link. So my silver-plated brass bracelet is not really a prized item? I like the whole concept and ...
  45. Hi Stillwater: I see that filligree is really little beads webbed into a design. What would you call this and how would you describe it then? Do you have any idea of date or origin? Thank you. blingit...
  46. To everyone who commented on my brooch a HUGE THANKYOU..I learned so excited to see one just like it on Ebay thank you Perfumer..but it is not for sale yet> Stillwater?? I just love it..will...
  47. I have a similar watch and bought it at a local City Auction..won it for 65.00. Was pleased..Have seen them occasionally on ebay..Mine was listed as 1955 I think?
  48. Thank you ho2cultcha..I wondered too, and some of the signed prints are nothing like this neat handwriting..wish I knew more..thanks again. blingiton1948
  49. very beautiful..a treasure for sure..
  50. Love it..Georgeous colour..good for you!
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