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North Carolina

Just posting my aunt's vintage collection items. She was an avid collector. She passed in 2014 and left these items to me and my mother. Once a year I resolve to getJust posting my aunt's vintage collection items. She was an avid collector. She passed in 2014 and left these items to me and my mother. Once a year I resolve to get rid of everything, but I fail. It works best when I give away one piece at a time to someone who loves it. (Read more)


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Etched glass vase and pitcher - Glasswarein Glassware
Capodimonte trinket box and porcelain dresser top items - Potteryin Pottery
Vase, milk white, hobnailed - Glasswarein Glassware
Milk white bowl with pedestal, grape pattern - Glasswarein Glassware
Vase, cream white, Lenox - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Green glass candy dishes, one with lid - Kitchenin Kitchen
Green glass goblets, ruffled edge - Glasswarein Glassware
Goblets, opaque glass, white star pattern - Glasswarein Glassware
Blue glass dish with pedestal - Glasswarein Glassware
CasAdes Porcelain Clown figure - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. Thank you apostata - had to google that but learned something.
  2. Hello wma. Again, thank you! The information you provide is very helpful. 1913. That sounds right. The Lees brought these scrolls with them from China prior to 1940. Have to check the exact time perio...
  3. Hello wma - thank you! I do plan to have them repaired and mounted. They have been rolled up in a plastic bag for more than 40 years. They are crumbling.
  4. Hi jebbidy - I researched, but could not find this exact item. I've found several of the smiley big head boys, including on Etsy. Seems you can buy the molds and paint them - police officer, mailman, ...
  5. Love the ring. Beautiful. Turquoise and butterflies - two of my favorites
  6. Hello - Exceptional pieces! Love the happy Buddha (?). My favorite is the vase - beautiful. My mother has many Asian pieces. Please post more.
  7. Thanks Vintage, especially for appreciating the song.
  8. That pink glass is beautiful. I think i would like a piece from that collection. I hate that there is a break in the edging. It's still one of our favorites.
  9. Thanks Broochman. Another delicate piece for the curio cabinet.
  10. Thanks Broochman. I can't believe it remains undamaged. The flower is very delicate. I'll keep in curio cabinet.
  11. Thanks kwqd.
  12. Thanks kwqd. I remember the green stamps - as a child, I helped save and affix them. Never understood how they worked.
  13. These are truly eye candy. Beautiful and pretty!
  14. I love the design and color. I have a basket very similar to this that I bought years ago from an African art and imports store. It is a hand-made Nigerian Rice Bowl.
  15. Beautiful. I like the turtles, the multi-color and the one that looks like ruby. What a collection!
  16. Excellent find!
  17. Hi Gillian - not at all, I think it will look pretty with a few short, thin candles. Thanks for the idea!
  18. Hello Share, thank you so much for the information. I have googled Ken Edwards and found a similar vase. Intriguing. Helpful to know it is pottery (of course it is). I plan to learn more and buy a f...
  19. Thanks, again, Tallcakes. I really appreciate you naming the items correctly for me - compote, etc - Were it not for packing to move, I promise I would be obsessing and researching. There is, though, ...
  20. Thank you Tallcakes! I really do research all of the items, but sometimes I just give up - as a researcher and writer, that is not an easy admission. I want to know what my Aunt had and, now, what my ...
  21. Thank you broochman ( I mispelled brooch, didn't I?). They are really beautiful little works of art and I can see why my aunt kept them. They are in a wood box and we examine them and find new things ...
  22. I am still working on tje signature. Not sure I can see it fully without removing the frame. That is iffy. It was framed so many years ago the materials are melded together. I need young eyes to read ...
  23. Hello Gillian - first, let me say - this is fun and interesting. I have tried to take photos of the bottom of the print - most is obscured by the matting. I am trying to take better photos of the bott...
  24. Thank you mp. That will send me down another rabbit hole to research woodblock prints. My Aunt was a retired schoolteacher in Brooklyn - she liked to buy things from artistic people, so who knows wher...
  25. K - I should've known it was a thing. This is such timely information. I will take the time today to review all. I am trying to go minimalist - except for my books, the books stay. My goal is to g...
  26. Tallcakes - Thank You. It seems exact, but there are no etchings on the foot of my glass. I've looked at a lot of photos and all of the glasses have those etchings, unlike my glass. I believe, though,...
  27. Thank you Water - I've even tried McClives and McClures, but I am pretty sure it is McElwee.
  28. Thank you lizzycbw. I am pleased to know what i have.
  29. K- very good advice. There is a need for a good blog or article on how to handle this situation - planning in advance. Thanks.
  30. K - Thank you. I had to look up the Villery & Boch - very pretty.
  31. K - wow on the whale tale cups - they are nice! I would have bought those and placed them in the china cabinet, with the china. The spreadsheet treatment has a familiar touch of OCD - beautiful (ha...
  32. Thanks K. I tried, but could not make it work. You've given me a good start. I've researched scrolls a lot over the past week, so this translation makes sense.
  33. K - me too, but not 50. I sorted through my "collection" yesterday and attempted to get rid of a few (we are packing to move) and mostly failed. There are rules for keeping. I do like single unique cu...
  34. That's cute, but icky. Drunk insects. Never knew the world of wood was so full of bugs beyond termites.
  35. Thanks kwqd. Good to know the manufacturer. I did not notice the chip. You have good eyes.
  36. Thank you blunderbuss. I thougjt goose but mother said duck. That is a long neck for a duck.
  37. Hello - have you checked Replacements? They have just about everything. If they do not have the items, they can probably tell you what they are. That is a beautiful set. Very unique.
  38. Hi Gillian, thanks for the information. When I searched for the ashtray I typed in "porcelain ashtray, flowers, cigarette holders." The similar items in the results said "match holders." I do not thin...
  39. Watch - that IS worrisome, but only because I cannot abide bugs - especially those you cannot see. I researched how to get rid of the beetles. My Aunt probably had these ducks for decades. Nothing in ...
  40. stuff - not beetles! I would have to get rid of the ducks if they have beetles. For now, I will enclose them in plastic. So much to learn. At least I know they are wood. I have several other ducks, bu...
  41. Thank you LaurenRedmond. I think it is very cute, too.
  42. Hey Keramikos! Thanks. I am not surprised. I try to research each piece and I am always surprised at what I find. To me they were just ashtrays, but now I know some are art deco. I now know what match...
  43. Thanks ho2cultcha, i will do that. I'll add the back of this plate.
  44. No marks. Not even indentations.
  45. Keramikos, the father was OB/GYN in Beijing. The mother was also a doctor, but unsure of her specialty. Thank you.
  46. Keramikos, wow! Thank you! I wanted to try that but had no confidence i could make it work. I will try it with the other scroll. Yes, very strange words but thanks for connecting it to medicine. The l...
  47. The contrast in the colors is beautiful and striking.
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