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Portland oregon

Collector of antiques and many things incl. bicycles


  1. I reread my info this blanket is 8 foot by 6 foot,..bigger than I thought.. :0:0
  2. Second thought you should google chiefs blankets there are some beautiful examples.
  3. Men’s are larger strips and larger size women’s are small stripes and size.. this one has huge white and red with infill of diamonds and smaller stripes on a larger weave.
  4. I forgot to say this one is a early 3rd 1860’s or transitional from 2 to 3rd.. based on my reasearch.. ...
  5. That about what it’s gonna cost possibly more.. you need a pro to look at it.. it all depends if it’s early or a late phase blanket or 20th century that’s where the justification in doing a resto ma...
  6. Thanks... I seem to think so too.. possibly the millennials have taken over and nobody cares.. :( It’s gonna cost a few $$$ to restore.. one day I’ll put some time into it.. still it’s a beautifu...
  7. Thanks i will look into it... I looked too and most are latter pieces.. I broke the cypher down... I came up with the letters E O.. but you know how that is.
  8. Thank you for your help. I didn’t think of looking at the lid for a mark.. I’ll do that.. I know this is a long shot but I was also looking at different early art pottery company’s ones with cyphe...
  9. Thank you for your time to help me. Loads of great info. I’ll check and compare it.
  10. Thank you. I need to do more reasearch. Tough one to get help on..
  11. Thank you . I love it too
  12. Thanks it really helps a lot .. that’s the same one.. I see they are selling a copy of it ...a large (11 x 18 inch) poster for 500 bucks! Yikes! Well that sells it to me. I believe mines a orig...
  13. Thank you.. if old or not it’s got a pleasant look that’s why I got it.
  14. Interesting comment thanks. I thought about that for a moment and googled up something interesting ..there was a tariff act of 1930 which required importec items to be clearly marked with country of o...
  15. Thanks already have.. seems it’s a poster made for promoting Japanese tourism for other counties to read which used English language. Still interesting opinion.
  16. Thanks that’s earlier than I thought. Appreciate the help thank you.
  17. Thanks .. sure looks like a long day...
  18. Yep mount hood. I have a few mount hoods by different artists. Never get tired of them...this is a 1890’s
  19. Thanks I’ll do that.
  20. Thanks hard to say
  21. Nope it’s separate but internal.
  22. Thanks it cries to be ridden..
  23. Thank you..
  24. Thanks ...yes it’s a 2 cycle engine. Very small engine..The carbide lite is motorcycle size not bicycle. It’s Just a tad bit larger..
  25. Thanks Yep 4 stroke.. no oil in gas on this one. Ha..I put the patina on it.. lol ...hasn’t changed things just takes the pain out of a new paint job...
  26. thank you. The past owner stored it since 75.. he saved all the paperwork for it and all the parts...I’ll post the blue one later. The blue has a 4 stroke one cyclinder 49 cc whizzer. Takes some...
  27. Thanks they ride smooth and fun..
  28. No no fantasy lol
  29. Thanks they are under appreciated.
  30. Will do thanks
  31. :0. Did some research.. the art work has a Asian theam as well as the antiqued bronze patina..resembles the ancient Asian bronzes. it’s some sort of metal brass or white metal. Definitely acid etc...
  32. :0. It would look nice on brick for sure
  33. Thanks I do too hope my wall can take the weight... :0
  34. Thanks.. yea I know... it was some tough times and good times with it. But I wasn’t gonna let it go I’m really glad I kept it. Next is my 71 ta. Had a k5 blazer once... nice ride.
  35. Thank you... yep that’s the truth...when gas was good it burn rubber in all 4 gears no problem at all.. :0
  36. I remember those days.. good times .. thanks.
  37. Thank you it’s a labor of love.. Pontiac forever...
  38. Thanks it’s a nice one
  39. Thanks they are cool
  40. Yes they are interesting I'm a closet collector it helps my OCD in the winter time
  41. Thanks. Value is second just some idea on dating this
  42. Thanks . Book takes through the entire trip day by day and there's pics of Baden Powell. pics of the German scouts pre ww2. Pics of the entire jamboree camps of different activities. Amazing.
  43. Thanks love black cats I have two.
  44. Thank you
  45. I Mabye wrong but that looks African or Spanish not American Indians.
  46. It's cool but I think the Indians would use leather for a wrap instead of string. It looks cool but should show more age since it was a Stone Age tool.
  47. Thanks I'm glad I found it...what an amazing person.
  48. Yep a fascinating worker bee
  49. Wow great info it adds life to the print. Thanks
  50. Nice .....sad to see them in a shed..though. :0
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