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Mid Century Modern Leaves Decor- signature help please - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Vintage Screw-together Fingerloop Candle Holders - Lampsin Lamps
Antique Side Table - Furniturein Furniture
Mid Century Bright Orange Enameled Dish - Kitchenin Kitchen
Grandmother Clock, unknown age or maker. - Clocksin Clocks
Very Old Pair of Bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
Heavy glass compact ashtray - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass bowl/dish, need help with id. - Glasswarein Glassware
Pottery Mug, unidentified maker/origin - Kitchenin Kitchen
Silver tray - Silverin Silver


  1. Thanks Scottvez-- that is very useful and makes sense as I did google search for similar antique pieces and never saw the magazine rack.
  2. Thank you Congcu!
  3. Hello Congcu- I reached in and took some photos--Looks like made in Germany and Wurttember A52. Any input on what that "means" would be great--thank you!
  4. Hello Congeu: Sorry took so long to reply. I took photos of what is inside, I don't know if that shows if it is weight driven. This clock was moved cross country in 1980 and was damaged (inside) along...
  5. Wow, thanks for finding that Celiene. I hadn't been able to find the exact ones. The necks are really cool, one is slightly off kilter which makes it even better :). Too bad about the painted part. We...
  6. fhrjr2 glad you commented here! This morning when i tried to post, it came back multiple times saying could not post due to server issues. Apparently it was actually going through each time, I had no ...
  7. vetraio50 I'll take a photo of one tomorrow and post as a share (the other is in rafters). Both are more typical with the etch. I do have another mystery glass item to share as well, a very heavy smal...
  8. Vetraio50 thank you! That is absolutely it. We have two orrefors vases as well, but I didn't put two and two together. Awesome to learn that.
  9. Thanks Canyon Road--totally could be from there as my family was on East Coast mainly. We even went to Williamsburg in the 70s, although I don't recall a pottery factory visit.
  10. Thank you Gillian! I'd say mystery solved.
  11. Thanks again lugnuts--the example you linked to is really useful. I examined again, and...nothing. The back is really smooth except for the Black, Starr & Frost, which is really small and almost gets...
  12. Thanks lugnuts--if you are familiar with this company, where would any other marks typically be? I've looked and felt around, but haven't detected anything. There is some tarnishing, but I'm assuming ...
  13. Hi Richmond--wow, that's not something I would have guessed, but they could work for that! Thanks for the input!
  14. Thanks Watchsearcher--I'm feeling that collar or lapel pin could be it--I could just envision one of my relatives wearing this on their heavier coat. Great input from you both, thanks!
  15. Thanks Phil for replying. That is so interesting and not something I would have guessed as a possibility! The wings do not move, they are each in that pose. They do seem quite beautiful to be used for...
  16. Thanks--yes, the bases do look more brass.
  17. Interesting idea!
  18. The little holes are on the eyes--maybe small bead or stone was put in there to represent pupils?
  19. Thanks valentino97--I added a photo with a closeup of the cute feather and how it is connected.
  20. Yes, I thought maybe Gabrielle. I wonder if it was bought in a department store or something...I have another really cool leaf sculpture mid century thing that is signed, but my mom said she had gotte...
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A wonderful Harrach Vase