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  1. Very nice sign. If I can ask, just curious where was the collectors and dealers swap meet located at? I live in Pa. there is nothing like that around here. I would like to attend one. Thank you.
  2. Your coke stand looks to be in very good new like condition, great find! I like to use the old coke stands I have to display my coke items also. Have a blessed day.
  3. This is a very nice collection of cars and trucks you have. How long did it take you you to find them? Thanks for showing them.
  4. Nice hats, thanks.
  5. Very nice, good luck in finding the rest of the missing pieces. God bless and have a great day,
  6. Very nice collection, need more room for more. Lol
  7. Very nice collection of vintage coke. Thank's for showing them. I would like to wish you and your love ones and all the coke collectors a very marry Christmas and happy healthy new year. God bless all.
  8. Very nice, thank for sharing the photo's.
  9. Fantastic display Thank's for showing it.
  10. A very nice display. What are the ages. Thanks.
  11. Very nice table, it looks like the top is porcelain. Does the leg fold down? Thank for sharing.
  12. The hat is a nice addition to your collection. Can I ask if you know how old the hat is. And what time period it comes from." Just wondering" God bless
  13. Nice arrangement. Look's like there's room for more.
  14. I like the sign, and your couch, It all look's cool.
  15. It's always great, to pick up different small coke item to add to your collection. Enjoy them, I have the same wonderful illness it's "catchy".
  16. Very nice coke machine, I also love your six pack carrier rack that's in the corner. I have been looking for one of those for some time with no luck. Great pic's thanks.
  17. They are something that I have acquired over time also, to me they show us the history of coca cola through the years. Thanks.
  18. Nice sign for your collection, I love the look of the other coke things displayed. I also am in all of the salesman cooler, they are a special piece to me. Hope every one has a Merry Christmas, God...
  19. Very nice piece, to add to your other well displayed coke collection. Happy Thanksgiving too all!
  20. Another great looking coke item from the past. Patience at auctions pays off, good job !
  21. Don't know any thing about the age, I never seen one like that one before. But old or new it is so cool looking. Great find!
  22. Thank's for posting,they look in great condition.Great buy.
  23. Your dining room looks great, good spot for your new addition.
  24. If you ever want to give it away, please let me know Lol. I have never seen one, but only in pictures. Your right it is really nice, congratulations.
  25. I love the cooler and granite top looks great together, also like your coke machines. Thanks for sharing.
  26. Having strong nerves always helps, a very nice add to your dream collection Dave. Is made of pewter?
  27. Lucky you, lucky find, it will look great cleaned up.
  28. Look to be in mint condition, and your cooler look's super also. cokehenry.
  29. Great little coke item, thank's for showing it to us. Would like to see the leather money clip some time.
  30. Hi, the slogan " Thing's go better with coke " is from the early 60's if that helps. Good luck your research.
  31. Love the idea's,very nice.
  32. Cool looking sign, I wonder why there is a line on the first o in cola? Thanks.
  33. Very nice clean collection. I can speak for all of us, we appreciate you showing it, thanks.
  34. This is a cool display on your door, looks great.
  35. Hard to find in good shape, still nice to have. thank, and enjoy.
  36. I like any type of coca cola display pieces, Thanks for sharing.
  37. It still has a lot of class, hang on to it. great show, Thanks.
  38. Great fine, I have one like it. They are cool. I found mine at a auction.
  39. I enjoy all kinds old and new large and small. Nice stuff thanks for sharing.
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Coca-Cola Rotating Display. Linemar Tin Toy A small sample of my Coke collection, glad I found this stuff 30 years ago when it was a lot easier to come by Some New Finds! In my Grandfather's home