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1954 Singer 301A - Sewingin Sewing
Singer 1924 128 - Sewingin Sewing
Singer 20 - Sewingin Sewing
My 1919 Willcox & Gibbs - Sewingin Sewing
Singer 20 Toy - Sewingin Sewing
1948 Singer 221 - Sewingin Sewing
Singer Red Eye 66 I think, need help identifying her. - Sewingin Sewing
Singer 1932 28K Handcrank - Sewingin Sewing
Singer 1893 sewing machine, I think it is a 127??? - Sewingin Sewing


  1. Hi Jo-Anne it is a full size 27, I did manage to purchase an orginal manual for her. I will try and grab some close up pictures of the decals for you. I love this piece.
  2. Thank you, the clamp that was in the box was not the original. I located a site to purchase one :) so she will be complete.
  3. Thank you, I just purchased her she is beautiful, and sews like a dream.
  4. No, I knew it was a 27 was just weird that Singer said it was not. But, what I am trying to do is find a replica of that 1893 manual that I sent you the link of :) but there is an original one for sal...
  5. I agree and was a little surprised when she said it was not a 27 and it was a VS2. However I was searching the web looking for a manual to purchase and I did find a VS2 from 1893 with the rectangle ba...
  6. I found the missing parts, someone on eBay had them. 15.00 and her cabinet will be in mint condition. I called Singer to see if they could help me locate them. They stated that the serial number is da...
  7. I used tarn x and automobile metal polish, I let the handles soak in the tarn x for about 10 mins. The I used a plastic soft brush to get into the grooves of the design. After they were all clean I p...
  8. Thanks for the links :) the cabinet only needed some Murphy's oil soap, and some waxing. I cleaned the brass handles and they are now all shiny and pretty. I did some cleaning on the machine, she is a...
  9. that is the originally cover, I slid it in the correct way catching it in the grooves, as the manual says :) and it went right in.
  10. The ones in the back are the ones that are missing. The lid has all fittings, but the cabinet is missing the back latches. Any ideas on where I could possibly find replacements :)
  11. it was a class 66 I called Singer, they recommended that I purchase another package, even though they are singer bobbins they are not manufactured by them and could be a little off. I bought another p...
  12. when I got the cabinet I noticed that the coffin cover brass fittings (fittings in on the cabinet) that the coffin cover latches into are missing. Does anyone know where I can acquire replacements? Po...
  13. I got a spool pin, and I put the new belt on...but the Singer 66 bobbins do not fit they are to big any ideas on the bobbin size for this one.
  14. before and after machine and cabinet, trying to decide if I should leave the drawers as is, I only applied bees wax to them. I think it retains the aged look....thoughts..... :) don't want to sand the...
  15. Moving onto the cabinet, the head is all clean and pretty :)
  16. The spool pin is missing, the bobbin cover was in the treadle drawer but the spring is broken. I'm going to be hunting those down today. I have my favorite guy I have had servicing my Athena for years...
  17. I uploaded the pictures, started to clean her up also. Thanks for your help :)
  18. As soon as it gets delivered tomorrow I will take better pics of it. I thought it was a 66 :)
  19. Thank you Bernadette, I was given a red eye today. I posted that one also as I need help to determine if it is a 66 :)
  20. meant helpful for the treadle machine
  21. Thank you for the link, this one came with the manual, but the link will be happen for the treadle machine.
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Singer 20 Toy our lovely little sister to our 222k is this wonderful white 221,made in Gt Britain,                                       Singer Case "Organizers" Type #1 & #2 1895 Singer 39-2