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Singer 1893 sewing machine, I think it is a 127???

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    Posted 10 years ago

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    I found this one for sale in New Hampshire. It is a Singer 1893 Treadle. Serial number 11889562. The Treadle is complete with the orginal puzzle box, cabinet, and coffin cover, is prestine condition and has not been refinished. I am going to have to do some restoring on the machine, but it functions when using the treadle. Can anyone tell me if it is a 127, or 27? The serial number tells me it is a 1893, the only missing item is the manual which I hope someone can help me locate.

    Posted some new pics, after I gave the cabinet a wash down and waxed it.


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    1. Bernadette Bernadette, 10 years ago
      It is a 27, the 127 has automatic tension (releases when the presser foot is raised) and doesn't have the little spoon shaped tab on the tension dial.
    2. Bernadette Bernadette, 10 years ago
      The free download manual for the 27/28 is the one to get. It will have everything you need to know for the machine.
    3. corlando corlando, 10 years ago
      Thank you Bernadette, I was given a red eye today. I posted that one also as I need help to determine if it is a 66 :)
    4. corlando corlando, 10 years ago
      when I got the cabinet I noticed that the coffin cover brass fittings (fittings in on the cabinet) that the coffin cover latches into are missing. Does anyone know where I can acquire replacements? Post picture of fittings
    5. Bernadette Bernadette, 10 years ago
      I can see the front latch on the table, in the current photos. There should be two similar behind the machine. In the lid, the front latch locks down, the two at the back just slip into place. I can see the lock hole in the front of your cover.
    6. corlando corlando, 10 years ago
      The ones in the back are the ones that are missing. The lid has all fittings, but the cabinet is missing the back latches. Any ideas on where I could possibly find replacements :)
    7. Bernadette Bernadette, 10 years ago
      there are a few online stores and ebay sellers that part out old machines and cabinets - the other option is find one of the same table which isn't in good condition and take them off. there are also collector networks online where you could ask if anyone has some they're willing to part with. :)
    8. Bernadette Bernadette, 10 years ago
    9. Bernadette Bernadette, 10 years ago
    10. Bernadette Bernadette, 10 years ago
      Depends how much you are willing to pay :) seller might remove just the fittings for you to save on postage.
    11. epson233 epson233, 10 years ago
      lovely machine -- good luck with the restoration -- be careful around those decals because i believe -- unlike the singer featherweights and red eyes -- you can't buy them or at this time no one is printing as the demand is low and the cost for design work is high
      another good website on antique sewing machines is the ISMACS -- Internal Sewing Machine Collectors Society
    12. corlando corlando, 10 years ago
      Thanks for the links :) the cabinet only needed some Murphy's oil soap, and some waxing. I cleaned the brass handles and they are now all shiny and pretty. I did some cleaning on the machine, she is all oiled and runs smooth. The base of the machine has some wear but she is 119 years old. I hope to look that good at that age. I will look on ebay for the fittings, thanks Bernadette for the links. Epson, I used the info that I found there on the last machine, it is a good site for infoon these old machines. I posted new pics.
    13. epson233 epson233, 10 years ago
      oh wow corlando!!!!!!!!!!! -- super super super job -- great patina on that cabinet -- she's a real beauty -- she is lucky to have you as the owner -- makes me want to go out and find one for myself -- but with 3 elnas and 3 featherweights that is plenty for this gal to take care of and love -- will just come to this site and ogoogle over yours -- what did you use for the brass cleaner if you would not mind sharing
    14. corlando corlando, 10 years ago
      I used tarn x and automobile metal polish, I let the handles soak in the tarn x for about 10 mins. The I used a plastic soft brush to get into the grooves of the design. After they were all clean I put the metal polish on, the polish will help to protect them. The difference after cleaning them was amazing. I'm glad that the person who had this beauty treated her with love as all she needed was a gentle cleaning.
    15. Bernadette Bernadette, 10 years ago
      it looks lovely :)
    16. corlando corlando, 9 years ago
      I found the missing parts, someone on eBay had them. 15.00 and her cabinet will be in mint condition. I called Singer to see if they could help me locate them. They stated that the serial number is dates the machine to 1893 as I knew, but they said it is a VS2 not a 27. Now to find an original manual of for the machine and puzzle box. I located one for my Singer 66 Red I guess the hunt continues.
    17. Bernadette Bernadette, 9 years ago
      Hi Christine,
      Fantastic news about the parts.
      You're getting a bit caught up or confused with the VS2/27 thing. It's like saying a car is a 4 cylinder 2 litre, or it's a Mitsubishi Lancer, they're two different descriptions of the same thing. :) Please understand that the people at the Singer helpline know very little about antique and vintage machines, beyond looking up a number in a database, that is all they're going by. Your machine model IS a 27 even though for a while Singer designated them the 'Vibrating Shuttle 2'. The VS2 is the 27, the VS3 is the 28 or 3/4 size machine, and the VS1 is slightly different an earlier version with narrower slide plates and the takeup lever in a low position. The 27-1, the first VS2, had the fiddle bed, yours is a 27-2 with the rectangular bed. The 27-3 is the same as a 27-2, but with a round rear inspection plate, not the kidney shaped one yours has.
      Puzzle boxes - these were made for 3 different models of Singer: the VS, the IF and the 24, and in VS and IF there are several types, not all sellers on eBay know which one they've got. :) The main way to tell is the VS type has the 'ladder frame' for long bobbins, and the one made for IF machines has the 'hairpin prong' for round bobbins.
    18. Bernadette Bernadette, 9 years ago
      This is an Australian seller with a good reputation :) Note the cabinet options on the leaflet that comes with this set.
      The free 27/28 manual on Singer website (link up above in my first post) although not original, has more comprehensive information than this manual will contain, for general maintenance, threading etc.
    19. corlando corlando, 9 years ago
      I agree and was a little surprised when she said it was not a 27 and it was a VS2. However I was searching the web looking for a manual to purchase and I did find a VS2 from 1893 with the rectangle base.
      So, there was a VS2 with that base in 1893, weird huh? Thanks for the links I will check them out :) Also the same treadle pic as the link you sent, with no Singer on the cross bars in the center of the treadle.
    20. Bernadette Bernadette, 9 years ago
      But it IS a VS2 - the point is, it's also a 27-2. It's both, except you're trying to determine if it's one or the other - they're 2 different names for the same thing. One describes the machine by it's action, the other by it's factory model number :) On some websites, they differentiate the VS2 and the 27 by saying that the VS2 is the fiddle base, but this is incorrect - the rectangular base 27 is also a VS2. The 27-1 is the fiddlebase, the 27-2 is the rectangular base. Singer discontinued the term VS2 and VS3 in favour of just using model 27 and 28, but they're still the same thing.
    21. corlando corlando, 9 years ago
      No, I knew it was a 27 was just weird that Singer said it was not. But, what I am trying to do is find a replica of that 1893 manual that I sent you the link of :) but there is an original one for sale on eBay for the 27 that is from this era.
    22. Bernadette Bernadette, 9 years ago
      I see :) the people at Singer don't really know anything about the old machines, they are just reading their database which says the machine is a VS2, they shouldn't really tell people things like that :)
      That 1893 manual on Charles Law's site might be on the Smithsonian website.
      Go into 'Explore the Collection', search by model, put in your search for Singer VS2 and tick the box that says 'only entries with images' and see how you go.
    23. Bernadette Bernadette, 9 years ago
      The manual isn't there :( but there are a couple of other early ones, for 27 and for the puzzle box attachments. :) it's a great resource! Have fun.
    24. DayRoseGem, 6 years ago

      Realise this was posted a while ago. Looking at this sewing machine it is beautiful. Wondering is there another number somewhere on the machine with either on or two Letters at the beginning. If so send me that number and I may be able to get you more info.

      Take care,
    25. DayRoseGem, 6 years ago
      Hello again,

      Would love to see closer image of pattern on machine.

      Thank you,
    26. DayRoseGem, 6 years ago
      Hello once again,

      I believe your machine is a 128.

    27. DayRoseGem, 6 years ago

      OK I was wrong. It is either a 27 or 28. If it is full size it is a 27 approx 14 long. If 3/4 size approx 12 it is a 28. It looks like a 27 from the photo but hard to tell without measuring.

      Take care,
    28. corlando corlando, 6 years ago
      Hi Jo-Anne it is a full size 27, I did manage to purchase an orginal manual for her. I will try and grab some close up pictures of the decals for you. I love this piece.
    29. DayRoseGem, 6 years ago
      That machine is beautiful
    30. DayRoseGem, 6 years ago

      Does the manual tell you the name of the pattern/decals?

    31. Bernadette Bernadette, 6 years ago
      I think Christine's questions have all been answered a while back but the decal is known by collectors as Orange Blossom. Singer did have names for some of their decal sets, although I've never seen them mentioned in a manual. The names Singer used have been changed over time by collectors. La Vencedora is one that remains original to Singer records. Redeye is an example of collectors naming a decal, Singer called it Scroll.
    32. DayRoseGem, 6 years ago
      Well this is interesting. I laughed at first thinking "no wonder I couldn't figure it out". I'm Canadian and have never seen a real orange blossom in my life. Think I would probably break into tears if I ever saw a real orange tree with oranges on it! So, of course had to go look. I thought it was yellow rockets and forget-me-not. Now more confused if Singer called it orange blossom? All of the images are white flowers, almost star-like and they have 5 petals? They don't really look like the flowers on your machine. It's the nicest pattern I have ever seen. At least my favourite so far. I almost bought one then realised the vintage I have is a 127. So, it would not make a lot of sense for me to replace. Mine is the Sphinx pattern which I thought was really interesting when I bought it. Not so much now. The decals on mine are in pretty good shape. I have to say there is nothing like the painted on pattern or whatever it is they do to get the effect like on your machine. It does not look like decals if it is.
    33. DayRoseGem, 6 years ago

      Have really been looking for the flower on your sewing machine. Think I have found it is "white clematis". Here is a good image. Clematis montana var. grandiflora

      Let me know what you think.

    34. Hutchy62, 4 years ago
      Hi corlando, I have just purchased a singer 27 treadle machine and are in the middle of restoring it. The drop table support is broken and we cannot find any photos of how it should look. Could you please posts some photos of under the drop leaf table for what is supporting it so we can try and get it as close as it was. Really appreciate this. Deb Australia
    35. Hutchy62, 4 years ago
      Hi coral do, I I also noticed that you said the coffin had brass fittings at the back. Unfortunately the back of our coffin was missing and we have found similar wood to match. Could you also post the back of your coffin cover and the brass fittings.
      Really appreciate if you can help me.
      Regards deb Australia
    36. LSadowy, 2 years ago
      Late to the party here but found this post while researching a couple of antique machines I have. I am keeping one, an antique White, but I am considering gifting one to a friend, and wondered it’s value. It’s identical to the one you have posted, with the same pattern of flowers. I can’t post a photo here but it has the cabinet (minus the drawer handles), no trestle table. It also has complete accessory kits in the drawers, and a whole bunch of spare needles. It’s not in as pristine shape as yours, but I don’t want to give away something that could be worth a small fortune. The serial number is 12231560, which when I looked it up, seemed like a model from 1864. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
    37. Hutchy62, 2 years ago
      LShadowy - The price for a treadle sewing machine can varied dependant on how much someone else is willing to pay for it. As the handles are missing and no drop down side table, it would probably sell for less than others. Check your local marketplaces on facebook to see how much everyone else is selling theirs. Also remember, if you are selling to a close friend - cheaper is always good. Friendship is worth more than money!
    38. almostused, 2 years ago
      I just found a machine identical to this, that is what is called " Apple blossom" decal, I will be picking up my machine tomorrow and will post pics,as I am new to this and need input.
    39. LSadowy, 2 years ago
      To Hutchy62, my apologies, I thought I replied months ago. Thank you for the input. I have given it to my friend who loves to sew. The smile was worth more than the machine would ever have been.
    40. keramikos, 2 years ago
      Hi, LSadowy. :-)

      If the serial number on your machine is indeed "12231560," it would fall into this range:


      11,913,500 12,475,499 1894

    41. keramikos, 2 years ago
      Hi, almostused. :-)

      I'll be keeping an eye peeled for your post. Here is some guidance on posting pictures of vintage sewing machines so that you can maximize the help other CW users can give you:
    42. almostused, 2 years ago
      Keramikos, I posted a couple pics of the machine already, I will remove them and post better ones, and what little info I have on it, this is my first machine so I have a lot to learn
    43. hutchy50, 2 years ago
      Corlando - I purchased the same sewing machine. I have a copy of the manual for it. please send me your email address, so I can send you a copy.

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