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Put a beard on it

This is a tribute to the hirsute heroes ala Portlandia's "put a bird on it" skit.

S Hawks Soldier,or fireman and  possibly son Dr Joe Hawks - Photographsby filmnet
in Photographs
From the Sublime to the Ridiculous...... - Photographsby antiqua…
in Photographs
B. General Joshia Pickett and Charles Pickett our realitive - Military and Wartimeby filmnet
in Military and Wart…
Vintage Cape Cod Pottery Sea Captain's pitcher - Potteryby chuckg
in Pottery
Unidentified painting; Fisherman (?) - Folk Artby Neveu
in Folk Art
portrait of Eschyle in coral, Victorian cameo - Fine Jewelryby OnlyVin…
in Fine Jewelry
"Bigfoot collection" - Toysby arelicz…
in Toys
HO  HO CLOWN - Folk Artby okieyanki
in Folk Art
HE SAWED JIMI HENDRIX - Folk Artby Savoych…
in Folk Art
Orginal Folk ART ? oil Painting old Man with Pipe  - Folk Artby tmmassari
in Folk Art
Origin?   - Folk Artby Justano…
in Folk Art
Ugly Ugly Troll #1 - Dollsby jlennon…
in Dolls
Vintage Star Wars Candy Heads - Moviesby ReisOBr…
in Movies
1963 Universal Pictures Co. WOLFMAN Glass in Mint condition from Goodwill - Moviesby MattyG
in Movies
The Stilt, Clyde, The Grouch and The Logo - Basketballby VikingF…
in Basketball
OLD Chinese rock carved man - Asianby bikermanboy
in Asian
Chinese Emboidery - Asianby patfan4lif
in Asian
Old Walking Gnome - Potteryby ho2cult…
in Pottery
ZELEZNY BROD SKLO glass figurine #2 - Art Glassby MacArt
in Art Glass
Late 19th c / early 20th c Advertising Lion for Northwest Tile Co., Chicago, IL - Animalsby ho2cult…
in Animals
Edwardian Ball gentlemen - Mens Clothingby lisa
in Mens Clothing
Face  carved walking stick  - Accessoriesby Songwri…
in Accessories
Kenny Rogers Demonstration disk - Advertisingby musikchoo
in Advertising
Ortega abstract painting - Fine Artby JDH
in Fine Art
My Old (at least 150 yrs old) Meerschaum Pipe - Tobaccianaby robsterk
in Tobacciana
Russell Alexander Alger - Tobaccianaby katcard61
in Tobacciana
Meerschaum pipe head of Af American - Tobaccianaby CarolKay
in Tobacciana
Vintage Tobacco Ads. - Paperby vintage…
in Paper
Old postcards - Postcardsby VikingF…
in Postcards
Victorian Christmas scrap book  - Victorian Eraby wolcott1
in Victorian Era
Japanese Postcards of Emperor Yoshihito and Empress Teimei.  I was given these cards as a boy when we lived in Tokyo 1948-49.   - Postcardsby william.mcl…
in Postcards
Vintage Christmas Postcards - Postcardsby Ted_Str…
in Postcards
Yogi Incense Holderby crabbyk…