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  1. A few of the cards I got are hall of Famers in this book!Thanks for your advice
  2. Im keeping an eye on the one on ebay to see if it sells !!
  3. Hi,,Ive got a bottle crock just like yours with no cracks or chips.Im sorry to say that mine the handle is gone!There is another just like ours that's on ebay and hes asking $5000 for his! I know mine...
  4. thanks Virginia
  5. Yes I still Have my chair It's not going anywhere soon!
  6. Does any one out there know anything about this item or maybe seen one before?
  7. Does any one out there know anything about this item or maybe seen one before?
  8. What item are you wanting to help me with ?
  9. Ok fhrj2 iwill do that , thanks
  10. OK,,Thanks for your imput, ill look that up!!
  11. Someone said it is Bill Monroe
  12. Hi Bluegrassanne.thanks for your imfor.Yes i live in Northeastern Ky about 60 miles from Lexington.I bought it about 2 years ago about 30 miles south of here so thats the area you are talking about.It...
  13. Thanks Manikin for your imfor.Yes it looks canvas to me.Are these kind of pics rare or anything?I know its got quite a bit of age to it.I like it better without the frame it came in!
  14. HI Scott.. I cant find no I D any where on the frame or pic.Dale
  15. Hi;;Thanks for the imfor Scottvez and Blunderbuss2.I think its not as rough as it appears to look .I dont see any kind of ID of anykind on it.Thanks again Dale,
  16. Thanks TGBWC for your imfor.I didnt give all that much for it so im happy!
  17. No..Mine dont have the insert, would be nice if it did.But the crate is well worth what i paid for it.Thanks for your comment Daddy_Nobucks
  18. I think ive found the name and type of my chair.Its Antique English Jacobean Style Carved Tall Back Hall Chair.Type this in on Ebay and see what you come up with!!
  19. HI Bhock..Thanks for all your imput.I have been gone all day and just now got home.Im going to research my chair more tomorrow.Thanks again, Wm
  20. Do u think the chair is rare or very valuable?
  21. HI..Thanks for all of your imput.Yes the seat is all one piece wood.The wood is either pine or mahogany.Im going research this chair today myself.Thanks again Dalet007
  22. I got another show and tell on this chair now!!
  23. HI..I bought this today in an Antique Shop in Southwestern Ohio.The top of the chair measures 7'' across and the seat is 14'' and is 4 ft tall.Where do i send the pics to.Thanks for your help..Dalet007
  24. Thanks jbcollector!
  25. Funny joke Bellin.Thanks for looking at my sign.Have you seen one like it before?
  26. Nice collection of old bottles here!!!!
  27. Thanks. I think you are right!!
  28. Yes very nice clocks you got good taste!!
  29. HI Bruce..Thanks for your imfor.In one of them sockets it has an old time screw in fuse .Ill keep looking for more imfor on this and ill let you know what i find out.Thanks again
  30. HI Militarist..There is no postmark or writings on the back of this card.Thanks for your imfor. Wm
  31. There isnt anything on the back of this pic!!
  32. Thank you all for your input on this pic!!
  33. HI Walksoftly,Thanks for your imfor.I wasnt for sure what i had here!
  34. Ive never seen a pepsi sign like this before!What would it be worth?
  35. I still cant find any clock like this one here on the net! Im wondering if this is a rare clock?
  36. I would guess and this just a guess that this clock is from the late 40's to early 50's.Thanks for your imput Signaholic!!
  37. This bottle has got Danville Ky embossed on the bottom of the bottle!!
  38. No there is no makers mark on these trays.Only thing on them is Q on each of the trays!
  39. Very nice item.I would love to own something like this!!
  40. Has anyone out there seen a sign like this one before?
  41. I think you are right .To me it looks like it might have been cut! Still not a bad looking sign I guess.Thanks for your imput!!
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Vintage Child's Cowboys Outfit. Roy Rogers ?? Cleveland Spinner Neon Clock Green Version $$$$-Old Pontiled Soda Bottles-$$$$ ~~~Old Pontiled Artesian Water Bottle~~~ Lotsa Blue!!!  6 out of 8 are pontilled. Some more of my vintage advertising clocks PEPSI COLA SIGN, VERY VERY RARE, AMERICAN ART WORKS 1905 Old Frostie's Root Beer!  Wall Clock CHERRY SMASH SYRUP DISPENSER.


1921 Baseball Scrapbook &Cards 1926 North Western Railway Baseball Ball Player Antique Vintage early 1900's Coca Cola Crate Lexington Ky Light up laundromat sign 1908-1912 ABM Ergotole Sharp & Dohme Baltimore Cobalt Blue Medicine Bottle w/ Label Dad's cone tops Today's Pick.... Mystery Bottle Grafs light U.S. Royal Tires...Embossed Tin Sign...Dated 1947 Ma's Cola Large Tin Vertical Sign


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