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Early Esso Kerosene Sign From India. My Mom Brought it back for me - Signsin Signs
Japanese Cloisonne Copper & Enamel Bird Vase Cherry Blossoms - Asianin Asian
Chesapeake Bay Choice Beer National Boh / Natty Boh / National Bohemian... - Brewerianain Breweriana
Thrift shop Coca Cola Mirror find.  - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
Newest Thrift Shop Find World War II German Helmet - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Old Stoneware Crock Blue Flowers - Potteryin Pottery
Old Nippon Green Wreath Morimaru Brothers powder box - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Fairly clean Early Nippon Imperial Vase, very bright colors - Asianin Asian
Deliniers & Co Cherub Powder Jar Old Frech China - Potteryin Pottery
Very old Henry Alken Print Stage Coach, working on frame. - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. Hello Wendyrama I would love to see it. Im fairly new here, I know how to post it in the categories but thats it. Ill take a look at your page. Thanks for the love guys gals!
  2. Thanks for the love Anna, long time how have ya been?
  3. Thanks for the love Thomas, BB2, fortapache, vetraio, Racer & spiritbear! I love this sign, bonus so does the daughter
  4. Know the area well, been here since I was 9, that was ohhh yeah about a hundred years ago. Nice to meet ya Thomas
  5. Way cool, Ill have to give it to you, NICE TRUNK!
  6. Yes Yes It's getting spooky down here and I have to Pee. Flashlight Pulease!
  7. Thanks for the Love Iggy ~ Vertriao ~ Mr Tucker ~ & Trey!
  8. Thanks for the Loves Brunswick ~ Trey ~ Bobby ~ Nicefice ~ Catburgler ~ Fortapache ~ BB2 ~ BrewerianaAficionado !
  9. Thanks Debbie, I think they have been undervalued for awhile now. I have always liked there stuff, Beautiful and thanks for the info. Thanks for the loves Martika ~ Vertraio ~ Aura ~ J Scott ~ Efes...
  10. Umm, lemme scroll up. Uhh umm ohhh flashlight? yeah flashlight that's it.
  11. Thanks racer4four, It really is stunning little
  12. Thanks for the love guys gals! Thanks rucklczglass and thanks again martika! WOW! Going from the listing from California, I would say my little $10 vase was a HUGE bargain! Hopefully there worth that...
  13. LOl, I just bought a 96 car matchbox / lesney car lot and the cab is in there, as well as a school bus, a armored car and a few other hmmm classics. Ill post some pictures once I have the lot sorted o...
  14. Hello and Thanks martika! Really is a pretty little vase. Thanks for the love martika and aura
  15. PS, That would really be a nice find. I run into pieces all the time, never have scene a whole set except for crazy prices on e-bay.
  16. Hello and thanks Debbie80, I thought that mark let it be a little bit newer. So many sites with info and as always it's not always accurate. Thanks for the Love Gals / Guys!
  17. Did ya find it yet? I am once again lost somewhere in my basement. Lol
  18. Thanks for the love guys / gals. Nicefice we will have to compare our way to much stuff collections sometimes. Thanks BrewerianaAficionado!
  19. I'm still lookin blunderbuss, great now I'm lost to. Can ya hand me a flashlight?? Pulease!
  20. Very nice collection
  21. Right there with ya blunderbuss wait, where, who what the hell is a, huh hmm seems perplexing Ill get back to ya
  22. Gorgeous love the color, even if your camera didn't catch it all!
  23. Thanks Debbie80 any and all info helps. Eventually some of it sinks threw my thick A** Skull
  24. Kinda figured it was a handmade job for a bar or something. Thanks Scott. Still really cool looking for the 2 $25.44 it cost. Ill keep it
  25. blunderbuss2 Did you check the link he provided up top for me? It explains this helmet to a tee and the later removal of vent holes and the removal of the 3 rivets. I like to learn trouble is I forge...
  26. Thanks Battlegear. That clears things up a bunch! Nice helmet and great info!
  27. That's good to hear. Again I tell myself this is how I learn. It was hundred bucks. I guess ya win some and learn some. Still as you said cool for display which is what it will do and any non Chinese ...
  28. Nice Bottle Spiritbear Good luck with the studies!
  29. Thanks battlegear. I am by no means an expert on military stuff. Just thought it was cool. Thanks again!
  30. WOW Guess that's enough of a comment!
  31. Hey Racerrfour. Metropolitan Washington DC area, crazy stuff we get here. Thanks for the love Manikin, Fortapache, GeodeJem, bobby725, Caperkid, Vetraio50 and racer4four
  32. I was thinking USA but, of all the things I like. This is probably my worst known subject, Thanks ho2cultcha, and a pleasure to meet you
  33. Do you have a test kit? Looks like a silver compound to me. You can get a test kit for around 20 bucks. I love mine
  34. And thanks for the love guys, gals!
  35. Hello robin56 and thanks! Ill check there
  36. Wow wby, That's a amazing find at pretty much any cost. Very very cool, umm let me know if you ever want to part with it :)
  37. Thanks Daddy_Nobucks
  38. Thanks for the love jscott63. I couldn't leave it there, was to nice!
  39. Thanks jscott363 I think we both loved it
  41. Very cool bottles Spirit, You have a great eye for things!
  42. I was telling my wife, narrowing something down to anything less then 5 years is crazy. 1879-1881 is crazy, thanks once again!
  43. Thanks CokeKid!
  44. :) Well thank you of course!
  45. Very nice sign, I would have to agree with offialfuel on the 30-40s. I have seen this sign in a antique shop near my home. very pricey, seem to remember $1400 tag on it or maybe $2400 I go so often I ...
  46. Thanks for the love guys, gals. Thanks Trey and Efesgirl :)
  47. Lol, yeah kinda makes ya wonder, Its old the paper is brown but makes ya glad we have cars now. Thanks racer4four and vetraio50!
  48. 1879 - 1881 big help and thanks once again kyratango! :)
  49. Hello racer4four, kyratango and LuluX Pleasure to meet you all and thank you so much for the help and info. yes it was just to pretty to leave there and pre 1900 is a big help. and thanks for the si...
  50. Amazing little spider! And Hello, I'm kinda new here, Dave
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Baseball with 4 unknown signatures??? Ty Cobb Baseball by Stall & Dean from the early 1900's Misprint Coke Bottle