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new york state

i am a collector of figurines and i love the 50s stuff.


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Cherub riding goose  - Figurinesin Figurines
closed winged sabino butterfly - Art Glassin Art Glass
1950 Studebaker truck - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
sabino france butterfly - Art Glassin Art Glass
marilyn monroe jack in the box music box - Moviesin Movies
Mr2 1950 Studebaker truck - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
merry widow waltz picture - Fine Artin Fine Art
59 studebaker Lark VI Regal - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
coca cola vending machine - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola
our new to us studebaker - Classic Carsin Classic Cars


  1. meant butterfly
  2. can anyone tell me about this glass buttefly. i tried looking online but did not find much information. was it used as a hood ornament? how old is it? it is signed sabino paris on the bottom. i would ...
  3. lol my husband drives it to work and back. alot of people say good things about it. it is a cute little truck!
  4. it wont be done until next summer. next year
  5. this one is flat winged. other one is not
  6. im not putting on our truck, im putting it on my 59 pink studebaker lark
  7. actually i heard it can be used as a radiator hood ornament.
  8. there is a way to do it. it was used as a hood ornament. my husband is an auto mechanic and very handy with our cars and things pertaining to it. yes it would have to be secure it was pricey . i dont ...
  9. it does say he is a painter but i find no information about him. i looked online. doesnt really say anything i can see
  10. thank you! i love the dancers and its so vintage looking! couldn't leave without it!
  11. a glamper is not a car, its an rv. i see no vintage trailers on this site. if you can find one, let me know and i will see what category it in
  12. there is no category on this site for the glamper, so i cannot upload a picture
  13. thank you for your remarks. we have three studebakers by the way. a 59 Lark, the car above and a 56 President. love our studebakers!
  14. sorry i thought it was a reply to mine
  15. i just got it. for free, not investing anything in it. just curious about it. not worried about the value of it, because im not selling it. just a conversation piece right now. even if i did,whatever ...
  16. there is two on ebay like it so its not custom made if there is more than one like it
  17. not sure what a fantasy piece what you mean by that
  18. I unmarked it as mystery solved. what year is this turner flamingo mirror? I have seen some that are forties- were these done in the forties? and some that say 50s. were these done in the forties and ...
  19. i looked more closely on it. i did find the signature turner on it . i got quite the bargain!
  20. i googled it and exact same thing said it was 1950s.
  21. i forgot to add, its a large mirror
  22. car and camper is done, finished. today I get my Studebaker hitch so the Lark can actually pull the serro scotty. next week my five year dream is done.
  23. does anyone know when this was retired?
  24. i have a ERTE poster like that and a erte sterling silver gold vermeil pin with the letter L. i love the panther and lady thing. i have a statue with the panther and lady,not erte but i still like it
  25. last month i bought the butterfly hood ornament. it is a vintage bug deflector hood ornament and it is lumiscience it has prisms in the sun. it has a womans face on it. its made of heavy plastic. i lo...
  26. its a chrysler lebaron
  27. i own a 1990 classic lebaron convertible too. paint is not perfect but its nice looking too. its a red burgundy color with a white top and i have a white convertible boot for the back too. nice mopar
  28. your welcome! yes it does stand out. the color is very pretty, its not a dark pink or medium pink, or a washed out pink. its a pink-with purple intermixed with metallic flakes. have had alot of nice ...
  29. i got the white tiger at goodwill too.
  30. i will take a better picture of it when i get it.
  31. found a frame for it at goodwill today. with a matte
  32. thank you! i buy my things just to look at even though they can be used. i love beautiful things and collect it just because i love the beauty of how it looks. i dont collect because of it being anti...
  33. thank you, they are nice jewelry
  34. thanks for sharing that, it was good information.
  35. wow and i got this for forty dollars!!!
  36. because i dont normally wear pins, i liked the swirling of pearls and they art deco look. i dont go anywhere much to dress up anyhow. i live in a small town, am a housewife, and the most i go to is th...
  37. the tag doesnt say the date . just says made in italy
  38. i was thinking of framing it. too pretty to wear. i didnt get it to wear anyhow, i got it to look at and enjoy, which i do.
  39. i saw them on ebay framed for hundreds of dollars. i wonder if on the scarf tag it says the date. i love erte's stuff, i only began looking at his stuff a couple of weeks ago.
  40. its 33" squared. i was really impressed. its signed and with a erte' tag also. you could almost frame this beautiful scarve! beautiful piece of clothing art.
  41. actually yes- it is a big scarf , its not a little item
  42. thank you! i got it in the mail today, i was pleasantly surprised how beautiful it was. its in perfect condition. i only paid forty dollars for it, which was a bargain, all the other erte' scarves wer...
  43. do you? i like it . if you check out my other pictures you can see the other lady and panther things i have.
  44. he was considered the father of art deco
  45. its alphabet jewelry by erte. they made all sorts of things like this for every letter of the alphabet. i love the l letter, im into art deco panther stuff. leopards too. i have a passion for this s...
  46. i think the color it made me buy it, but the dial was neat too and that pretty much made the sale besides it working!
  47. thanks! am amazed i can get around four or five stations on this old timer! the thing is cosmetically in great shape too!
  48. i j ust took a tape measure to it, its 15" tall.
  49. i love it too. it has a repair on it but it didnt deter from the beauty of it. i love the tallness and skinniess of the figurine and i love the old fashioned look, always did. i kind of wondered who ...
  50. would like to know what a collector think it is worth. i know it doesnt use the dollar value on his site, i looked at it.
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Verga Red Lady


Christian Dior - Diorissimo 1959 First Prize Floral Contest London Cutest little girl in the world. 1958? Coca Cola cardboard sign w/ frame