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  1. Thanks to all. Hope to be putting a lot more up in the next few weeks!
  2. Thanks Sean!
  3. Sorry to hear that your dish was broken. Unfortunately, mine was also. Teenagers .....arrgh!
  4. Looks like a coffee server
  5. Same to you and all the other Collectors out there!
  6. just put up the signature. not the best but it shows if you blow it up..just realized that the date is 85 not 89 oops!
  7. If it has a fire polished pontil it might be a Blenko from the 60's
  8. I saw the same post on etsy and thought it looked similar. It is a pretty little thing, and I would really like to find out who made it. About the pontil scar, I think you're right but I truly belie...
  9. To the best of my knowledge, it is a beer glass not a vase, and no there is no metal under the foot.
  10. Thanks that is what first caught my eye
  11. As to Vaseline:possible. The true test for that would be exposure to UV light and the item will fluoresce greenish yellow
  12. I'm thinking probably not Murano. The pieces that I have seen always had the pontil scar ground completely out before polishing. The polished base is promising tho...
  13. Check out bohemian Plaza crystal. The pattern looks very similar. Good luck!
  14. This looks an awful lot like a Mikasa Poinsettia plate. You can find a lot of mikasa pieces that have the same colors or have the colored areas sandblasted to a matte finish.
  15. Racer...this decanter never had a stopper . The pics I have seen of a couple brand new ones had no stoppers either.
  16. Possibly Chalet glass from Canada? The 4 lobed base is very common for them, and many of their pieces left the factory with no markings
  17. Outstanding! And(as always)one of a kind!
  18. Wonder what it might look like under UV?
  19. Not too sure about the glass manufacturer, but here are some possibles for the companies that did the silver overlay. Likeliest one is Silver City but Birks Silversmiths from Canada is another. Loo...
  20. Thanks bohemianglassandmore, I could not make that signature out. Its great that cw has such a wealth of knowledge on so many items!
  21. At 8" high my best guess would be a bud vase, as a decanter would need considerably more volume. Nice piece!
  22. Amazing where things end up!
  23. Thanks for the info! Never would have found it otherwise
  24. Just found the hallmark for the silver..Fisher Silversmiths from Jersey City NJ
  25. Beautiful! The only Flygsfors I have is much smaller but I love it!
  26. Sean, I'm pretty sure you nailed it. Found some Goebel Hummel glass figurines with the same mark. It's just a little strange to see it on glass instead of porcelain! Thanks for the info!
  27. Finally figured a way to get the stamp without the reflection. This is the best I can get
  28. Thanks antiquerose! I knew it had to be something fairly good just by th weight!
  29. Believe it or not, these probably came from a local dollar store.. there is one in our area that has carried these for the last 3 years at $1 each. I have 12 in my cupboard right now, and yes, they l...
  30. Beautiful...looks like it must weigh a ton!
  31. I tried seven different angles but couldn't get a clear shot of it. Let me try again and I'll post it if it's legible
  32. No marks, but it matches several other Gorham [pieces that I have seen with labels on them.
  33. Very nice! I do believe that it is an ashtray judging by the small indent opposite the label.
  34. Rick this is a beautiful piece. It also helped me solve one of my ID problems from 2 months ago. What I thought was a Steuben dolphin was actually a Licio Zanetti fish..The Zanetti signature on mine...
  35. Finally found a definitive ID. Licio Zanetti(murano Italy) the signatur reads Zanetti L. Sorry my camera won't get a good pic of the signature, but I saw an Oscar Zanetti heron earlier today and the...
  36. My first impression would be some Mikasa style. They have literally hundreds of different molds, and many of them used frosted or ground accent panels, many of them painted. Oneida crystal also used...
  37. not too sure, but it looks like some kind of Bohemian red cut to clear decanter. This is the first one I have seen with a silver collar around the neck. Very nice!
  38. I'm wondering if this had a paper label at some point and the artist who blew the glass signed it
  39. That was quick! I had figured the vase was newer and I thought maybe irish,but the compote was definitely older than I thought. Thanks!
  40. Many Nazis ended up in South America after the end of WWII. Wouldn't it be strange if this piece of lab glassware had followed the most notorious missing Nazi Josef Mengele?
  41. Thanks for the quick response TC!
  42. Thanks. I would like to be a little more focused on certain types of objects, but my brain seems to stutter occasionally when I see something unusual.
  43. Gorgeous color!
  44. The creamer in the first picture appears to be Anchor Hocking moonstone, not sure about dating.
  45. The second picture looks like Tiffin King's Crown pattern w/cranberry flash.
  46. Thanks bellarose. Looked at the sooner site and this looks like a lock for that brand.
  47. Thanks antiquerose. I did some looking around and found some more examples of the Chalet cigar bowls that are nearly identical. The only thing that really sets this one apart is the color...I saw a...
  48. Thanks for the info aghcollect!
  49. Just went looking through the PV listings on line, and every one that I saw was Identical to the one I have except for seems that it might be PV, or the replica was made using an origina...
  50. Thanks TallCakes. This must be a repro. Can't find anything resembling a mark or signature anywhere, and I've been over it top to bottom with a magnifying glass
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