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  1. That picture is in the 1910 Photographic History of the Civil War, 10 volume set. My guess? For what its worth of course!! It's taken during the civil war, but somewhere like Washington. Maybe testin...
  2. The guy with the loafers looks just a tad overweight to be a civil war soldier? Also, the guy pulling the primer doesn't have a regulation buckle?
  3. Nice stamps.I loved Thunderbirds in the 60s. When we played I was always virgil!
  4. nobody?
  5. I want to try the cocktail!
  6. Darn! I had that exact set when I was a kid in London. Cool! Never did understand what the oil was for! Just ditched the box and played cowboys! Thanks for posting.
  7. Anyone?
  8. Rules, always rules! Where can I spit now?
  9. nobody?
  10. Love it. I love the Seiko 7002 Diver. I have four! Two tricked, and two original. I do find though that they look better with a Seiko Oyster bracelet.
  11. Great! I remember they were everywhere when I was growing up in the UK. Now I live in Florida. I know of a few, but with no air! LOL Nice car.
  12. As issued to M.I.B.
  13. It's a USAF rank insignia for Sergeant, or 'Buck' Sergeant. Or now I think they call it Senior Airman. The color is strange. I thought maybe an early band uniform? Or out west, in the big cave in ...
  14. I think I dated TEE TEE RED! Or maybe it was just a dream! nice....
  15. My mistake. Schools Out had the ladies panties on the record!
  16. Did the Alice Cooper still have the panties on the record? And the $1000,000 bill?
  17. What you have is a Model 1840 Light Artillery Saber. Manufactured by the Ames Mfg Co, Chicopee, Mass. In 1864. The MM is a US Inspector's mark. MM is M. Moulton. Which is odd because he was a rev...
  18. I saw Sweet play back in 1975ish. It was at the Hammersmith Odeon in West London. I was 15 or 16 at the time. The place was packed with screaming young females! Fun night for our little band of ad...
  19. Ok, I was wrong! He used two 2nd model Dragoons in Josey Wells. But I've never seen a Dragoon shoot anything other than cap and ball!
  20. Clint carried 2 1847 Colt Walkers in Josey Wells. But the prop guys cut loading gates into them so they could shoot cartridges. I've never really heard of Walkers shooting anything but cap and ball.
  21. Wow! She's hot by today's standards!
  22. I remember having the car, the Bat-Boat, and the Bat-Helicopter! All made by Corgi.
  23. The first one looks like a print of Admiral Horatio Nelson. Hero of the Battle of Trafalgar.
  24. Awesome.. I also love collection the old cars I had as a kid. And as Reis said... 'The Batmobile is priceless!'
  25. M1911, and M1919 refer to 'model' years. You can still buy a M1911 hand gun today.
  26. Made by LEFAUCHEAUX in Belgium in the mid 1800s. I think they took a 9mm pin fire round. Thats a regular bullet, but with a small pin sticking out of the side at the base of the cartridge. The hamm...
  27. I remember those. When I was a kid 10/- was a fortune!
  28. Its a picture of three Dutch girls. Any more than that I cant help.
  29. Definitely Niv....
  30. What you have looks like a Model 1902 Officer's Saber. This sword has been in constant manufacture longer than any other US sword, and are still made today. They have been made in many different vari...
  31. My Dad had a Vauxhall Cresta. I remember driving to the ocean when we were kids. No AC in those days. And those lovely vinyl seats! I love your collection.
  32. Being raised in London, I remember Matchbox cars. Unfortunately my parents gave them all to charity when I moved out. A great collection you have. I'm jealous!
  33. Your grandmother looks very 2000s. Prtobably because of her nice white, straight teeth! Lovely picture. Thanks for posting.
  34. Great picture. You dont still have the M1860 do you? I'd be interested to see what maker is has stamped on the ricasso.
  35. When I was a kid growing up in London, I had a Yamaha SS (FS1E). It was a 50cc moped, but it was styled like a moter bike. SS stood for Sixteener Special, as you could ride a moped at 16, but had to ...
  36. Wow... I had one, in red, when I was growing up in London! Great fun!
  37. I have the exact bill. It's part of a repo set I bought at a gift shop at Houston Airport back in the 1980s. Fun to have.
  38. I've never see this buckle. Been collecting, studying civil war collectables for ages. Mississippi also used the star, but I doubt if any Mississippi unit would have any business in Kansas. Almost ...
  39. The DM denotes the town of Shrewsbury.
  40. John C. Fremont. Born Savannah GA, 1813. Was a professor of mathematics in the US Navy. Commissioned 2nd Lut. in the Topographical Engineers in 1838. Took a small part in the Mexican War. Aft...
  41. Thanks Scott. Probably not valuable, but fun to own. Jeff
  42. If these really are remnants of the Battle of the Alamo, they are priceless. At least to Texacans! You should contach the folks in San Antonio. See what they think.
  43. When I say 'not much value' I mean not as high as a marked example. Also the blade has been cleaned sometime recently, with a wire brush it looks like! I'm actually quite an expert on Union Cavalry ...
  44. I think the arch says BEST PATENT LEVER
  45. The third marble is a lattice. Sorry, got it wrong!
  46. yes it's from that watch.... I'm having a clear out. But dont want to take it to a 'we buy your gold' place. Would rather sell it to someone that wants it, and someone that will pay me what it's rea...
  47. I love that you still have the box! I had the Corgi Batbobile as a kid in the 60s. I now collect 1:43 British Fords. But I'd buy a Batmobile if I found one at the right price.
  48. Love it! I used to pick up Shark's Teeth on St Augustine Beach when the tide was out. I had hundreds, that I gave away to the local kids. Nice hoard!
  49. It says 14k in a few places inside the case.
  50. The only others I've seen have 'made in Austria' just above the Bass plaque, and the Bass triangle is red. Mine looks worn and if it was ever red it's long gone. Still I think it's a cool piece. Oh...
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Harley-Davidson Mechanical Pencil Collection What do you think of my Tootsie Toy & Other Toys Collection :) Corgi's & Husky's... Gotta love the Monkeemobile, Batmobile, and Man fron U.N.C.L.E. car & James Bond's Aston DB5 59 Fiat Multipla


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