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Brisbane, Queensland Australia

Hi my name is Marc, I was born and have lived in Beautiful Brisbane, Qld Australia all my life. I first started collecting clocks about 10 years ago and i was a sellHi my name is Marc, I was born and have lived in Beautiful Brisbane, Qld Australia all my life. I first started collecting clocks about 10 years ago and i was a sellers Dream come true. I bought any and everything junk, fake, reproduction clocks I was the worst collector. I am happy to say after now collecting a total of about 900 clocks I have become much better at selecting quality and infact "REAL ANTIQUE" clocks. My obsession began when I found a Ballerina Clock on Ebay and thought to myself, "Oh my gawd", that's the same clock my Irish Grandmother had on her sideboard that I broke and it took ages for her to forgive me. "sheesh I was only 8 years old. Anyway after that the clock bug kicked in. I am happy to say I have refined further collecting down to JUST Jema Holland Clocks now. Once I purchased my first Jema Clock being the Black Panther I was in love. The maker as I have learned is not well known and sadly has vanished without a trace as far as history and true ledgers of how many Jema Holland Clocks were really made. For now Jema collectors like me are just guessing on random information we share between us that we have found in some sites. I have now actually communicated with the daughter of the maker who sadly had very little information to date to share with me. It is believed there is at least 80 different Jema clocks that were made but that hasn'r been 100% confirmed. I have now about 120 Jema Holland Clocks of which i have about 56 different ones. I have photos of 10 I am yet to find "sad face".... which means there is at least 14 more different Jema Clocks out that that are "Unknown" re their number or what they are.. IE: Budgies, Cats and so on. My dream one day sooner rather than later is to somehow miraculously come across the lost Jema's and proudly say I believe I now have a complete Jema Holland Clock Collection. It excites me that I like others are so passionate out these clocks and that we do it to hopefully leave for future generations what beautiful work was done by Jema back in the 1940's. Thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want. Also feel free to give me a heart attack with news of finding a Jema Clock out their in the vast universe. Cheers Marc (Read more)


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Jema Holland Medium Leaping Deer Fawn numbered (458) - Clocksin Clocks
Jema Holland Large Riccoco Mantle Clock numbered (436) - Clocksin Clocks
Jema Holland Large Mother Deer and Fawn (Numbered 459) - Clocksin Clocks
Jema Holland Large Twin Boxer Dogs Mantle Clock numbered (463) - Clocksin Clocks
Jema Holland Large German Shepherd / Alsation/) Mantle Clock (462) - Clocksin Clocks
Jema Holland Large German Shepherd  Mantle Clock numbered (461) - Clocksin Clocks
Jema Holland Large Single Kitten/ Cat Mantle Clock numbered (434) - Clocksin Clocks
Jema Holland Large Twin Kittens Mantle Clock numbered (432) - Clocksin Clocks
Jema Holland (Very Large) Deer Mantle Clock numbered )474) - Clocksin Clocks
Jema Holland Twin Polar Bear Mantle Clock numbered (439) - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Hi Sidspencer, Yes as each one came from the same moulds the shape always remained true but!!! what I loved about Jema Clocks was that they were hand finished in some wonderful colours thus why such s...
  2. Hi Sidspencer what are you needing to know about this particular clock? It was made by Jema Holland (Holland) Please let me know if I can answer any more questions. cheers hutchy777 Company h...
  3. Hi Gillian, what is confusing? The collector stated she has the same number 90 clock as i do but hers is missing the actual clock that sits inside the mould She was just thanking me as seeing my clock...
  4. Hello Eclecticlexi, I just read your comments about my Jema Holland Blue Jay Bird Wall Clock Numbered 90. It is quite unique in relation to the numbering as one I have also have incorrect stamped num...
  5. Thanks to all the "LOVE IT" and comments fellow Collectors. Many are asking what are the 5 remaining clocks in the Jema Collection. they are as follows 402 Double Stallion, 423 Large Zander Fish Clock...
  6. Hi Efesgirl i cannot put it on here due to the rules. If you email me. i will let you know. Thanks hutchy777
  7. glad your loving this Kerry:)... PS watch this space I have located a New Numbered Jema Holland Clock. It will be revealed as it arrives from the Netherlands soon... wooohooo!!!!!! 6 more numbered Jem...
  8. Hi Koolconvertible you can email me a pic if you want if front, back underneath and si on if you want to
  9. Hi Koolconvertible, though you cannot upload a picture to comments simply upload your clock to the show and tell add a collection. I will then be able to admire your 470??? I might add if it is in fac...
  10. Hi Lubeck, I believe this particular clocks value today to be around 85.00 aud. this is based on the clock is working and is free of cracks and chips. Cheers Hutchy777
  11. Hi Louisedallas. Thankyou for your interest in the Jema Holland German Shepherd clock. I would not sell one in excellent condition for less then $200.00. If in good condition but clock not working the...
  12. As we are not allowed to solicite here please email me from your own email address and we will go from there. thanks hutchy777
  13. Hi Bruce99, you sound just like me, I absolutely hate it when I see a jema Holland Clock converted and fitted out with a, "Gasp"!!!! Dare I say modern Battery Mechanism. I have purchased about 5 Jemas...
  14. Naw!!!! Thank you SpiritBear, what a wonderful welcome back. Stay happy and good Treasure hunting my friend :)
  15. Thanks for youe comment Aura. It is certainly one of my favourite ones.
  16. Hi Bruce, It came without the keys which I soon replaced after fixing the mechanism. The red hand is in fact the alarm hand. I have a few Jemas with the large clock mechanisms with these large red han...
  17. Hi racer4four. Yes this is one of the 9 and so was the Riccoco. Only 7 known ones left to seek out and I will have the full Jema Collection. Thank you for your congratulations.
  18. Wow!!!!!!!! kerry10456 5 to 7 thousand!!!!! What the !!!!. May I ask is this like your collection? or you buy and sell? I had originally started collecting clocks to buy and sell but darn it as I rec...
  19. Ha ha .. you made my day SpiritBear... You'll be excited now I have just added Mummy and Daddy Polar Bear.. and yes just for who :)
  20. Duck season still exists..."seriously".... One day their will be a super breed of ducks mansize and maybe they will come a looking for man season... Killing gods creatures in the name of sport. to e...
  21. Hi kerry10456, Thankyou for your comments. The Jema Collection has taken me 10 years so far with still 9 more known Jema Clocks still eluding me to date. It becomes frustrating searching each day hopi...
  22. Hi valentino97, you are most welcome. I am glad it has made someone happy as it does for me on showing off these wonderful Jema Holland Ceramic mantle Clocks of the late 1940's early 1950"s. I have t...
  23. Hello Efesgirl, My ears pricked up as I read your comment, "I saw many styles of Jema Clocks".... at a Flea Market???? Where are you in the world. I am considering perhaps down the track to travel ...
  24. Hi antique rose, thank you for you for your comments. To answer your question. It is believed Jema Holland made at least 81 different clocks. I have 57 different ones now. I know of 10 of the ones I d...
  25. brunswick, if at all possible I would love to see a photo of your double cherub. by the numbering you have provided I know it is not a Jema Holland I am looking in my archives to see who the maker of ...
  26. There is one more chooky one racer4four. I will document him in a later show & tell for you. Cheers hutchy777
  27. Brunswick/ will love my next Show & Tell then.... I'll try to add it tomorrow for you. cheers hutchy777
  28. Very interested that you see many of these Jema clocks. I have questions on whether some numbers I have in my records do exist. it would be great to find out if this is the case. I have heard Jema mad...
  29. Hello hoosiergreen. Do you know what numbers were stamped on the base of this clock please. I am envious if this is in fact a Jema Holland Clock. wish I had it. Mark
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Jema Holland Medium Leaping Deer Fawn numbered (458) Jema Holland Large mantle Horse Clock (475)


Jema Holland (467) Musical Boy Sitting


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