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I do try to spend a tremendous amount of time researching- and yes- I get some wrong- but I am sure, some right.. good luck with your search for that special treasuI do try to spend a tremendous amount of time researching- and yes- I get some wrong- but I am sure, some right.. good luck with your search for that special treasure (Read more)


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ambrotype -your opinion - if its Lincoln love it- if not lincoln like it - Photographsin Photographs
giovanni schoemann- cold cast bronze - Fine Artin Fine Art
painting- ripolin on fiberboard type panel - Fine Artin Fine Art
My Other Rembrandts - Fine Artin Fine Art
My Rembrandt - Fine Artin Fine Art
Salvador Dali watercolor - Fine Artin Fine Art
Ancient Brass---  religest prayer vase ? 
Elton John...  1982 indiana concert - Fine Artin Fine Art
Elvis Presley poster plate's - Moviesin Movies
Pablo Ruiz Picasso ink/watercolor - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. those are really nice--- I worry about mine being on silk,, silk tends to separate- I should try to have it stablized
  2. what flavor hat's do you prefer---- since you profess to be the expert - maybe people will vote,,,
  3. so totally awesome
  4. speed bumps ???? I wonder what they really are
  5. very interesting---
  6. lol- or oregon
  7. thought I had other images - cannot find them- whoops--- every-thing was hand inscribed dot-by dot ................
  8. Thanks Thomas good looking out-- after I figured out the united nations + Gregory connection I had to have it-- lol
  9. unbelieveable--- saw that and thought --What the Hell-- LOL-- oh- by the way- I may post something from france--- knowing no-one will believe what I have,,, hints,,, Antibes france---- ripolin...
  10. HA,, ever heard the saying- she snaps her fingers and he jumps--- well maybe-lol
  11. thanks 4 comment-- have not pursued this in a while-- back is just old-darkened, think most of these were done on a silk,, actually I should think about having it lined somehow- to help preserve it,,,...
  12. Brunswick ---- I am really -really disappointed with myself- a couple of ambrotypes I have let slip thru my fingers, one of mary- a little younger-and one with a photo of a soldier in uniform that I s...
  13. blunder- lincolns beard-- I said- Lincoln with springfield farewell address feb 1861,,, you stated- Lincoln clean shaven till after he went into office,,, nope--- Lincoln was fully bearded when he ...
  14. yes- and I to have a problem with people that think they know everything, once was a saying- can't see the forest for the trees,, hell - they had a Lincoln image a while back- they were making a big d...
  15. Ha ! there you go- the key words- Rather Quickly- just as I suspected ! I've spent - hours - days weeks studying these- even down to the book-mark being possible springfield farewell speech---- ma...
  16. ha! just an opinion from a party that has not studied the images - and I SAY THEY ARE THE lINCOLNS- and John W Booth taken by w g pierce providence r.i. so chew on that a while oh- and have a...
  17. sorry- but these actually were not submitted for your approval . of course you can have an opinion, other people have theres also. these were posted for general purpose of showing people what is out t...
  18. I am sure I have spent much more time reviewing these images than anyone else. and by the way these did come as a set. zoom slightly on Marys brooch - you can see the diamond points,, the brooch is in...
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Historic Auto Hill Climb Old Indian from 1920's...? Flying Saucer or Spacecraft Hood Ornament, by Alex Tremulis, Sept.4, 1951 Pair of 18th century needle paintings. Midcentury Bust of ? signed Boos. Monk Making Wine Vibra finger... Gum massager! 16th president abe lincoln- wife mary todd with son tad- john w booth