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  1. I am seeing the letter K for Kemple
  2. You might check Jeannette. I recently had a similar round bowl with a Jeannette label but do not know the pattern.
  3. The domed butter dish is EAPG. Would need a close up photo to identify. The cut- to -clear amber goblets are Bohemian sometimes found in ruby by Egermann
  4. Fenton Valencia Pedestal Compote - sometimes found with lid
  5. I believe the piece marked Nastraus Hotel China was distributed by Nathan & Straus of New York City. They went out of business in 1965. The mark used from 1937-1965 includes the name of Duparquet. A...
  6. Just found this. It may be a match. Antique Goebel Cubist Rombic Pottery Strawberry Vase https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/antique-goebel-cubist-rombic-pottery-1817665055
  7. Have seen this listed as McCoy
  8. Think this trinket dish is lead crystal and part of the HOFBAUER Byrdes Collection made in Germany
  9. PS. KIG stands for Kedaung Industrial Group
  10. Replacement has two entries for the same pattern with 2 different names. The link above is for American Provencial made in Indonesia - they say maker unknown but the following link calls the patter...
  11. It is my understanding that Sigma is an importer -they did not manufacture but purchased wares , especially European, that were then sold under their name. Remember having a pitcher marked Sigma that...
  12. You'd be surprised at how many potteries made similar melon or lotus shaped planters: McCoy, Niloak, Pfaltzgraff, Red Wing, Camark, Gonder, Hull, Rumrill to name a few. I would look at Bates Pottery ...
  13. The pitcher might have been made by Judel Products Corporation. They made similar "near touch" applied handled pitchers with pinched spouts. Just a guess
  14. This was made by Arcoroc/J.D. Durand. This company has production sites in six countries including two in France, and one each in the United States, Spain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, and China. ...
  15. This type of milk glass is sometimes called Skim Milk Glass.
  16. I recognize the rooster tumbler. Black Rooster tumbler called CockCro by Federal Glass.
  18. This is the Chardon Rose pattern.
  19. The ones with the gold design are Syracuse's CLASSIC BRONZE pattern
  20. Does the smaller one have a handle? If so, it is the 3.5" creamer. Imperial Glass Corporation No. 335 (43540) Owl cream. slag. With amber & black glass eyes 1970-1975
  21. Imperial Glass Corporation No. 800 (43900) Owl covered jar. slag. With amber & black glass eyes. Embossed IG on the bottom 1975-1976
  22. Agree with AdeleC - Reproduction made in China sold by Reproduction wholesale suppliers
  23. Think the number is 230
  24. This planter is pictured in a Shawnee reference guide but it is also pictured in a McCoy guide. Still a question as to maker.
  25. Bartlett Collins no 87 Etched Clear Glass Open Sugar Bowl
  26. This may be a Cristal d'Arques Turtle Figurine - 24% Lead Crystal
  27. The coffee pot was made by Hall China. The metal insert that held the coffee grinds was made by the Enterprise Aluminum Company.
  28. I believe these cranberry vases were made by the West Virginia Glass Company.
  29. made in Hungary not sure of the order of the initials but they are M H V
  30. The symbol is used by Federalist China
  31. PS. The pattern is called 'Yellow Rose'
  32. PS. The shape of this coffee pot is called Waverly
  33. It was actually made by Hall. The Enterprise Aluminum Company made the metal insert that was placed in the opening to hold the coffee grinds.
  34. The Jackson gray design is called Clifton.
  35. These were made by Cameron Clay Products of West Virginia. Their wares had a completely dry bottom.
  36. I am not so sure these are Fostoria which has rounded handles. These might be Jeannette Cube with angled handles. Maybe someone else will come along to confirm.
  37. This stoneware pottery barrel shaped pitcher with wood grain design was also made in brown.
  38. Uhl American Art Pottery Grape Leaf Stoneware
  39. Holland Molds are used people who make ceramics as a hobby.
  40. indiana mayflower handled bowl
  41. rossini crystal west german ashtray
  42. Your second piece is Hazel Atlas TEARDROP AND HOBNAIL Beaded Clear Footed Bowl
  43. No. 18 Ribbed Relish Dish by Anchor Hocking
  44. See more


Signed Tuthill creamer ab cut glass