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I appreciate anything that was made when things were made to last.


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Antique Fred O. Seibel Original Drawing Signed and personalized - Comic Booksin Comic Books
Nicolaus Amatus 1662 German Violin Cremona Germany - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Vernis Martin Vitrine Curio Hand painted and Gilt from Spain - Furniturein Furniture
1913 Edison Diamond Disc B250 Phonograph - Recordsin Records
1906 Columbia Gramophone Phonograph with panel oak horn - Recordsin Records
lane chest before/during restoration - Furniturein Furniture
1916 Lane Chest/Box burl wood brass inlay large list of pantents Prototype?? - Furniturein Furniture
Who is the maker of these Antique Fireside Italian or French Chairs? - Furniturein Furniture
Tiny Depression Glass Pitcher and Glasses - Glasswarein Glassware
Antique Wooden Cheese Box - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. It's got the same style horn as mine! What a beautiful piece!
  2. looks cloisonne
  3. Hmmm It winds but every now and then makes a thunking sound. I don't know what to make of it and no one in our area works on them. Do you have a website? Thanks!
  4. Wow phonologic! whoever in the world would paint a wooden horn? I found some machines in pretty poor condition that i thought i could pick up cheap and have them worked on and the guy wouldn't turn lo...
  5. oh wow that's neat i didn't know that phonologic! I will check into that for sure :)
  6. Thank you for clarifying phonologic! The old man we purchased it from told me at the time however i couldn't remember and it wasn't on the receipt lol. Is this a rare model? I couldn't find anything b...
  7. It is beautiful. Does anyone have any specifics on it? Or know where I could get my hands on a manual for it? Name of it etc?
  8. I have to say of all the machines i've been around and used this is definately one of the better sounding ones. This one also has the key which is great because many times you find they're locked shut...
  9. It sounds great! I have to say I was amazed at how smooth it played
  10. I saw an original Hitler photo book a while back and was very tempted to purchase it. Do you have any of those in your collection?
  11. Love this piece. I love WW2 collectibles. I have an original print of the "Hitler Dead" kc star newspaper that my mother got me as a birthday gift. I would love to ad a nazi youth armband to my displa...
  12. Well contacted an appraiser from American association of appraisers that is about an hour from where I live and he said he has never seen another chest like this and has no clue therefore couldn't giv...
  13. Oh gosh! My mom and I just had a conversation about chalk paint. Ugly nasty stuff it is!! I've seen many of waterfall dressers and ornate buffets ruined by people making what I call Franken furniture
  14. Ty Fat boy 64 my mom and I didn't know what we'd find under that paint. I can't believe people paint beautiful wood like that. Nobody wanted it bc it looked so awful. It was definately in need of atte...
  15. 616001 is the serial number Jim
  16. Did anyone figure anything out with the serial number/year?
  17. 441265 is the model number
  18. 616001 is the serial number. I was told that would make it 10/06/16 is that incorrect?
  19. Yes I used citristrip it isn't harsh like other strippers and is safe to wash down the drain if u must. Also didn't damage the wood. Smells kind of like oranges lol the key to it if u try it is paint ...
  20. Celiene yes I definately agree! I thought the pulls looked space era as well! I guess I'll have to keep looking. Thanks!
  21. Ok will do thanks!
  22. I do have a before picture but was unsure how to post it lol
  23. Hmmmm... I thought upon purchasing it that it was definately 20s to 30s however the lane furniture company info says put the serial number backwards and that will be the date it was made. If this is c...
  24. Thanks! I've seen many cedar chests but cannot find another like this. I wonder if it was a custom project or one of a kind. The number of patents has me perplexed
  25. This also has numbers on the bottom I'd how I found the year but I've never seen another like this one so was just curious if it was custom built
  26. Yes it was all slopped with thick drippy gray and green paint. I was so happy to see burl wood! I love art deco furniture! I decided against sanding bc it literally would've probably destroyed the che...
  27. There are 15 patent numbers on the lid
  28. Thanks! Just got finished restoring it. I purchased it thinking it was from the 20s or 30s however 1916 was surprising. Do you think it could be a custom piece is why there are so many patents? I was ...
  29. Thank you for your opinions as I am unsure of what exactly they are or who made them but I did find some like them however they hade taken away the tufting. I also found some very similar with curved ...
  30. Sure if you like them. Although the quality of carnival horses did go way down with the newer ones they don't look at all like the originals and break more easily. I don't know what kind your's are bu...
  31. Thanks for letting me know.
  32. My grandfather was in the navy and gave me his silver certificates with their envelopes and uncirculated and plastic? silver dollar coins in their packages (never opened) I will have to dig these out ...
  33. My mother, grandmother, and church I grew up in had this same picture. Although my mother does have a picture of jesus that was supposed to be when he was 12 that I have never seen anywhere. Nice pict...
  34. Okay here are the prices for the celluloid cupies of this kind with jointed shoulders. 3inch=$70, 5"=$110, 9inch=$175, 12inch=$250, 16inch=$600 and up, 22inch=$900 and up. Hopefully this helps.
  35. This was the prices for bisque dolls! Sorry! I will go now and look for the celluloid prices. I thought this was one of the bisque dolls until I just went back up and read again.
  36. Okay I found my kewpie book! How tall is your kewpie? Here are the values of this particular doll as follows with size. 2.5 inch=$125, 4.5 inch=$185, 6"=$225, 7inch=$250, 8"=$400, 10"=$625 BUT with an...
  37. This is awsome!
  38. Thanks for the info! I knew the chalk was for some reason but wasn't quite sure what. This box is heavy duty compared to others I've seen. Also most of them have busted boards or warping as where this...
  39. My grandmother used to have a very ornate dining set and only one chair was different than the others and that was because it was the host chair. It was always to be at the head of the table. The rest...
  40. I have a book on the kewpies I will check it for you as I believe this particular doll was in there. I used to have some of these! I had a similar dress on mine as well but I don't know if it was orig...
  41. Hello I found one site that says the Ruth 2/0 was made in germany in the 1800's and then I found this site with one. I don't know if it is the same doll as yours but either could've been rewigged and ...
  42. It looks like an Armand Marseille from looking at her. I am not a doll expert though. Does her body have the "trim" type stuff going around where her body connects to the head? I'm assuming this is a ...
  43. This is really neat! I love the old brass boxes like these! Would be lovely in an office!
  44. Please wait Image not availableZoomEnlargeMouse here to zoom inPlease waitImage not available Sell one like this VINTAGE "ROCK GARDEN" AL CAPONE CLAY POKER CHIP ca 1934 Go paste this into ...
  45. Very neat find. I haven't seen any like these.
  46. Very nice! I love the detail of the children around the outside. I am looking into an antique columbia. I could kick myself in the butt for passing on the two I saw at the auction last week! They were...
  47. It looks like one of those old pans they used to use to boil stuff like lobsters as the (chimney) on top must let out pressure and steam. Looks like an old steam pot to me but I could be wrong.
  48. It's a very nice lamp! You should go check out "slag glass lamps" on ebay some of them are pretty pricey. Maybe you could find one like yours on there?
  49. I recently had a pair of old oil lamps that were converted into electric lamps they had the same little knob like yours. It looks like the shade is old slag glass although I don't know how old it is. ...
  50. Very interesting Vesta. No wonder the face looked familiar since there were so many made. Great Video
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