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German Bowl with mark - Potteryin Pottery
Blue Crock Stoneware No Marks - Potteryin Pottery
E. H. Sheldon & Company Desk - Furniturein Furniture
Turtle Crawdad/Crayfish on Rose Colored Leaf Dish - Potteryin Pottery
Child's Plate 9" - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Vase, Made in Brasil, 422, Flower, multi-color - Potteryin Pottery
Owen Minerva, Gold Medal, St Louis - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Ceramic Bowl or Planter Bowl? - Potteryin Pottery
Ceramic Coffee Carafe and cup - Kitchenin Kitchen
Mojave Stoneware? - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Are you trying to read a signature on the back? There is not a signature/mark on the back. It appears that something may have been scratched off the back where a signature or mark could have been.
  2. It is larger than any sugar bowl we have ever seen.
  3. Could you tell this was an apple blossom? I use R, Google, Ebay, Etc. and I still have much difficulty locating many items. Do you have any suggestions about my searching? Again, I greatly apprecia...
  4. Has anyone seen this glass plate before?
  5. Monmouth Mojave Brown Flat Cup - does anyone know the time period of production?
  6. What other words would you use to describe this when searching for it on the internet?
  7. Does anyone have an idea of when this might have been produced?
  8. Does anyone know if Monmouth and Western pottery are the same? Has anyone seen this mug before?
  9. What time period might this planter be from?
  10. Can anyone tell me the pattern of this bowl?
  11. Very many thanks. I believe it is quite pretty.
  12. I don't believe it is a new piece (meaning within the past 10-20 years. When it can be examine closely, it has qualities that are likely attributable to something at least from the 60s or 70s. I ho...
  13. Thank you so very much. I can most definitely see the EGER part of Haeger. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and time.
  14. I looks as though it is possibly supposed to come apart. I used the third photo to show what I thought might be a latch of some type. I didn't try too much pressure because I didn't want to damage i...
  15. What descriptive words would you use if your were searching ebay, etsy, etc. to locate this bottle?
  16. Thank you for providing hints for better photos. I will use this in any future posts. You have come to my rescue many times. I appreciate your wonderful knowledge. Based on the size, would you con...
  17. Was this also produced in the 194os?
  18. TC - you are amazing
  19. Many thanks, TC for your help on all my posts.
  20. TallCakes - With the latest photo added does that help you determine anything? Do you have any idea of the time period? I assume the tag ID's it as Imperial glass company, but does it have a patte...
  21. the purple doesn't look like sick glass but more when you hold it up to the light and can see the change. What is that referred to as? THANKS so much!
  22. I appreciate your wisdom, TallCakes. I enjoy researching the patterns, but it is a bit like fishing. After awhile, it isn't fun anymore when you can't ID a pattern. I am learning.
  23. I would love to find out this is Blenko!
  24. There are no markings on the bottom. I don't know if there is another place I should look?
  25. This bottle came in a box of filthy glassware at an auction in Southern Illinois. I paid $1 for the box. I have identified several items. I had a Heisey plate, some Federal Petal, can't recall all....
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