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Lake Zurich, IL

Personal Website: etsy.com/shop/kfranks

Like to collect and sell vintage and antique kitchenwares and housewares but branching out.


  1. I love this! You have some great lunch boxes!
  2. These are from boudoir lamps sometime near the 1920's or 30's.
  3. This is beautiful! I just love Indiana Glass.
  4. I was touched by you sharing, thanks for that. The drawings are great, he was very talented.
  5. OH cicababy I just saw your post. What a great way to use it and how fun it must be for him to make!
  6. Great dress! Just thinking about the shoes and the bag that she had to go with it. Also, picturing the hairdo! Pretty in pink!
  7. Oh how beautiful! And definitely wear it, as Hondo says, even to the grocery store. What a steal at $2!
  8. I have seen Glasbake oval covered casseroles in a plain glass and an etched. I know early on int he early 1900's it was spelled Glasbak and then changed to Glasbake later on. I have never seen it wi...
  9. Was feeling nostalgic and went thru your site again. The Cuddly Dudly brought back lots of memories as did the Chrissy doll. I remember getting one with long brown for Christmas one year. One of th...
  10. What a great time that must have been. Wish I had been there!
  11. Absolutely gorgeous!
  12. These are great!
  13. What a nice clock with a great story to follow it. Your grandfather would be proud!
  14. Breaking in ....hmmmmmm and yes i was reading! I have no info on this but just think vintage appliances are just so neat. Looks to be in really good condition to. Great stove!
  15. I just peeked thru there really quick. I used to have the Bozo doll. I sold him a few years back when money got tight. I don't even remember what I sold him for but it wassn't much. I do miss that...
  16. Oh Mrs. Beasley! Never had one but boy I loved her growing up. I used to watch Family Affair all the time. Its the posts like these that bring back such memories!
  17. Very nice find. I just found one today at the Goodwill for 1.99. It has half of the Bock B Blenko sticker on it and it is either dusty rose or orchid. Does anyone know how much these go for?
  18. Yes you do....too funny. LOL
  19. Oh no! Well, at least you still have the cups.
  20. I really am partial to the two tiered swirled dish. I can see cookies or hor dourves being served during the hoidays.
  21. Oh wow these are beautiful! Is this part of the same estate as the glass?
  22. You got a great deal. It took me a long time to be able to identify some of the patterns. I love going to estate sales, you never know what you will find. BTW, I look forward to your posts. I co...
  23. Great stuff! I know the star pattern items in the first picture are from Anchor Hocking, EAPC pieces also known as Star of David. Some of the criss cross pattern items, covered jars, some of the st...
  24. these are neat!
  25. Thanks dahling!
  26. LOL! Sorry bout proclaiming my love but when you are going about searching for something in the wrong direction you tend to throw yourself at the ones who guide you to the right! Also thanks, I like ...
  27. I know why I had a hard time finding this. I was looking for HL Restaurant Carolyn instead of Best. Now when I type in best brown and yellow I find it. I see some other pieces on eBay. Not sure if...
  28. OMG Shirley I could kiss you! So did you send the pic to researchreplacements. com and they got back to you with that info?!? I love you Shirley! Thanks so much for all the info. I will register ...
  29. Thanks for the info Shirley and I did check. There is about a million pages and I still can't find the pattern. I tried the library too and they just have books on the fiesta ware. Thinking about g...
  30. By the picture, and I could be wrong, it looks like a crystal fluted round ashtray from Hazel Atlas. There were a total of three different sizes to make a nestng set. They were 3 1/8", 4 1/4", and ...
  31. Wow I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like this. Very interesting!
  32. I sell also but away from the forum. I am still on eBay but since the fees are high I am switching most stuff to Etsy and looking for other outlets as well. Looking forward to seeing more stuff!
  33. Oh what a nice thing to do! Are you selling online or just local?
  34. Keep the pictures coming if you can. I collect vintage and retro housewares/kitchenwares. Been branching out to anything vintage now. Absolutely my favorite stuff....I could hunt all day for this s...
  35. Ohhhh, I love vintage Anchor Hocking!
  36. From your pics it looks to be prescut glass from Anchor Hocking. Probably the Oatmeal pattern. It was called Oatmeal because it was a premium piece that was found in boxes or Crystal Wedding Oats. ...
  37. What a great cabinet! It looks to be in really great shape too. Shame you couldn't take it home :(
  38. Glad I could help!
  39. No problem, glad I could help.
  40. Great piece! This is the Princess Candy Dish in Amber from Indiana Glass. They came in an array of colors such as blue, green, pink , anber and even the carnival or iredescent (sp) colors. There mi...
  41. Great photo.....my kind of family!
  42. OMG I love these! And you have three of them! Sorry I don't have the answers for you I just thought I would stop in and gush over them.....WOW!
  43. Thanks so much. Might not be much to some but it puts a smile on my face. I do love both the Royal Ruby's. I also have 12 tumblers in Royal Ruby also that I love!
  44. argghhh! I just brought back a cookie jar book to the library! When I go back I will flip thru it again and see if it is in there.....
  45. All around a neat to piece to have. I picture Grandma taking Sunday roasts out of it!
  46. I just found this site. It might be able to help you identify yours..... http://www.chamberstoves.net/Models.html
  47. Great stove! Absolutely love it!
  48. Yes, I look at eBay often for pricing. I do sell there but am dwindling my store down because of the crazy high cost to list, keep, etc.
  49. Nice collection.
  50. There is one on Amazon right now that looks very similiar to yours that comes with ladders on the back rails. http://www.amazon.com/John-Deere-Fire-Truck-Pedal/dp/B000FGVGL6
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