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unique amethyst/alexandrite glass - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. This is very beautiful. I don't think it is meant to be a vase. It looks like a hand blown Egyptian perfume bottle. The stopper is missing. Could be used as a vase.
  2. Ice, my sister has one and did a little research .
  3. A prayer carpet.
  4. They are part of a salad set . There is a larger bowl and a wooden fork and knife. I rec'd this set as a wedding gift !
  5. I have some of these . Yard sale finds. I like clear glass as well as the clean lines of stainless steel. That's what attracted me to these pieces. Mine are marked " Italy". Will post pictures.
  6. This is not Islamic although it is written in Arabic script. Various languages are written in Arabic script, Pharsi(Iran) , Urdu (Pakistan), Dari (Afghanistan) etc. The Turks have been using Latin alp...
  7. Acorn handles. A very attractive piece.
  8. This is the traditional Arabic coffee pot and cups . Obviously this is a set meant for display. I have similar sets made out of marble. Definitely not Chinese.
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