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Dorset, England. UK



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  4. Thanks Rossi66. Good detective work. Do you remember the TV detective series Columbo? Joking aside, it would be nice to know more about H. Gailey. Thanks for your interesting comment.
  5. The artist had great talent and his paintings are always a good buy. Thanks for your comments regarding my Chezars.
  6. Thanks FlacoPhily. Yes the artist had great talent and his paintings are always a good buy.
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  8. Thanks filmnet.
  9. Thank you toolate2 and bobogal.
  10. http://gotheborg.com/marks/index_jap_marks.htm then click CHINESE MARKS
  11. This website might be helpful http://gotheborg.com/marks/index_jap_marks.htm. Your mark has a double border very similar to some shown there.
  12. Thanks Jono.
  13. aghcollect, vetraio50 Yes, it is definitely a piece from the Suzuki Company of Japan. I will tell my motorcycling friend that I bought a Suzuki at the weekend. Thanks for showing me the fascinating w...
  14. Thanks aghcollect and vetraio50 for researching and finding out about this piece. I will read the information and then mark it as mystery solved.
  15. Thanks aghcollect and Jono.
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  17. Thanks SEAN68. Yes it's great ... It was a very lucky find.
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  32. I have marked the mystery as solved because we now know the location, this should help me in further research ...
  33. Thanks bratjdd. Thanks tom61375 for posting the photo http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/106598-for-kjdixos-scenic-painting
  34. Thanks tom61375 and yes, I did think it was in North America.
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  36. Thanks PhilDavidAlexanderMorris - the old toys bring back memories. Thanks valentino97 - yes the graphics are great, find more examples on the web.
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  44. Thanks for the comment SEAN68. I have many more items, that I will post here sometime in the future. Thanks aghcollect, catteann, petey and aldo78.
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