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I collect German, Hungarian and Italian pottery mostly Mid century modern.


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Small Bowl w/American Indian Image - Art Glassin Art Glass
Clarinet Jug Charm Double Hallmarked - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
2 metal name and address tag? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Unknown Ceramic Decagon Shaped Vase, Unknown Markings - Potteryin Pottery
Leonore Doskow Sterling Silver Match Box Holder ??????? - Art Decoin Art Deco
Triangular Bowl w/ Woman & Bird Design - Potteryin Pottery
Southwestern Pottery  ?????? - Potteryin Pottery
Der Rolle (The Role) Lithograph  - Fine Artin Fine Art
Purple Violet Crock with Handles - Potteryin Pottery
Blue Vase - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Hello, I believe I found that these are key fobs for the named person for the international order of odd fellows or independent order of odd fellows
  2. dav2no1, Thank you for your kind response to my question, that solves that mystery.
  3. NotoriousChicka Can you post a few pictures and any information, thrill to hear this.
  4. Salome000, Thank you, I never thought woodblock, had my mindset on lithograph. I seen a few images of his for sale and they generally seem to be the same ones, there not much on him but he had a l...
  5. mp.kunst, It appears you have done great sleuthing, I believe you are correct. Thank you very much, Steven
  6. Watchersearcher : I collect Hungarian artist by the name of Badacsonyi Sándor, Gruesome to look at but the deeper meaning shines . Radegunder : My German is rusty and you most likely correct with The...
  7. I believe you are right, the verse seems to fit the art, now the hope someone knows the language. Thanks,
  8. The vase is about 4 lbs, so it's not a lightweight vase, I believe it's maybe from the 1940-1950's or even older due to the wear. Thank you for your comment .
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Triangular Bowl w/ Woman & Bird Design