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Shakudo from the Victorian and later periods - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Pools of light necklace fresh from Germany - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. No idea about the maker, but as it seems, the dish was made in sgraffito technique. And sgraffito goes like this: A vessel is formed and dried till it is leather hard. Than its surface is covered w...
  2. It looks like early Art Deco (around 1910's) to me. It is nicely to see in the decor of the rim (cherry blossoms). The scenery shows classical Japanese decorative elements such as the Pine tree. I ...
  3. Cool. But i think your animals are far more dangerous :-) Judging by the length of the jaw, the short and massive legs and the bend tail, i think you have some fine crocodiles.
  4. Thank you Agram.m, i am too looking forward to my CW adventures. :-) (-:
  5. This is gorgeous. And the scenery is so realistic, the ruins set against the rocks and bushes in the foreground. What a heavenly pleasure to wear something like this.
  6. This is just adorable! :-)
  7. Nice and clean looking earrings. Look at the third pic. The left earring seems to have a stamp/writing on the pin. It is just too small to see. There might be your riddles answer. :-)
  8. Thank you Agram.m :-)!
  9. kyratango... yes, the bracelet is very beautiful and interesting. You definitely should find a shipping address in the US ;-) (-; . It is made of Menuki (ornaments on the handle of a Japanese sword ...
  10. Thank you for all the love :-) <3 :-)!
  11. Kyratango, you are right, this is such a treasure. The color of the jade is heart melting! Waaaaay more beautiful than the color of the amethysts (and i love amethysts!)
  12. Actually, the opal looks like a glimpse into the depths of the ocean. Beautiful!
  13. Very special and definitely fit for the Vienna opera ball! :-)
  14. This looks just gorgeous! There was so much attention paid to the details and that makes it look beautiful and special. Something one can't find today in jewelry made of cheaper material. I would sa...
  15. TassieDevil, thank you for the love. Yes, definitely :-) (-: !
  16. kyratango, thank you so much for you nice and welcoming words. You are right, there is so much pleasure in finding what you're looking for. And fine jewelry is among love and happiness one little sh...
  17. These are two very nice pieces of 19th century (i carefully would think app. 1850-1870) garnet jewelry. If you look closely, you can see, that it seems the collier is missing a strand. Originally th...
  18. What a beautiful piece! This could be also a slightly darker type of white opal. The opal has no completely transparent/translucent base (as a crystal opal would have), it doesn't have a potch back (...
  19. This looks like a beautiful gem-class Andamooka opal to me. A true beauty!
  20. This is a beautiful piece of Bohemian garnet jewelry. The material used is tombac (a brass-copper-zinc alloy). I would date it right to the end of the 19th century or even the beginning of the 20th ce...
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