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  1. That is beautiful!
  2. Nicefice, thanks for the love!
  3. Manikin, thanks for the love!
  4. ttomtucker, Thanks for the love!
  5. ho2cultcha, Thanks for the appreciation!
  6. These are -- Old Orchard Cinderella Pattern by Pyrex.
  7. Beautiful!
  8. brunswick, Thanks for the love!
  9. Radegunder, Thanks for the love..........
  10. bottle-bud, Thanks for the love & stopping by.........
  11. pickrknows, Thanks for the love!
  12. fortapache, Thanks for the love!
  13. rucklczglass, Thanks for the love.
  14. Oh how beautiful! Loving the bling..........
  15. You may be right. Think all oxens had horns.
  16. bobby725, Thanks for the appreciation! I wondered if that was a sod roof also.
  17. Wonder if that is supposed to be a house in the background?
  18. Really like the color on this jewelry box!
  19. SEAN68, Thanks for the love!
  20. scottvez, Thank you for the kind appreciation for our family's sacrifice. No, I don't have anything else that belonged to him. Good info to know the ribbon is now called the PUC.
  21. racer4four, Thanks for the appreciation.
  22. Love all of them!
  23. valentino97, Thanks for the love!
  24. SEAN68, Thanks for the love.
  25. toolate2-Thanks for the love!
  26. SpiritBear, Thank you for the love!
  27. Love it!
  28. bladerunner22, Thank you for the info & love.
  29. officialfuel, Thanks for the appreciation!
  30. ho2cultcha, Thanks for the appreciation!
  31. Nicefice, thanks for the apreciation.....
  32. scottvez Thanks for the link. Wow they look great. Wish mine were that nice looking, but still love mine as it is part of my family.
  33. Still have the whole set with lids. Use them all the time. Use to have the coffee pot, but they had a recall & never replaced them............
  34. I still own this whole set & still use them. Bought the set in the 70's. I love this pattern. I even had the coffee pot to match & they had a recall on them. They never replaced them that i know of so...
  35. Thanks scottvez! I think it is a great family piece also!
  36. Wow! Thanks for sharing your old photo's!
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