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  1. This jar is likely made by Turner Brothers Glass Co of Terre Haute IN 1905-1930 and is a product jar. The seller was probably Dauntless Brand in Indiana. There were two lip styles. One was a push on l...
  2. B in a circle is Brockway. Stippling on the base means it is a modern jar.
  3. Where is this site?
  4. Probably held baked beans.
  5. Made in 1980 by Glass Containers Co.
  6. I have one of these. There are two different bands for this jar. Both are red with different writing on them. Hazel Atlas made one of these jars, if not all of them. But some are unmarked on the base.
  7. Trademark Lightning jars come in a nice range of colors. Nice jar.
  8. I recently acquired a large (bigger than a quart) Southern California Packing jar. The only other one I have seen Tammy's little one. :)
  9. Jar was made by Brockway. It looks like a product jar.
  10. Lid looks pretty far gone. The only way to remove the spots is to have the jar "tumbled", which will polish it and remove them. In my opinion, this particular jar is not worth the expensive to have t...
  11. This was made by Hazel Atlas at the old Kearns Gorsuch plant. It originally held things like lemon candy or bath salts. It was not made in 1875.
  12. This is commonly known as the Ball 3L jar because of the loop at the end of the underscore. Made approx. 1896-1910.
  13. This is a commemorative jar made by Ball for the bicentennial. As such, it is not really considered a reproduction.
  14. This is a product jar of some kind. The shape indicates that it was possibly originally sold with mayonnaise in it.
  15. This is a common regular canning jar made 1962 and later. I use these today for home canning.
  16. Maker of this jar is unknown. You can find them in half pint, pint, quart and half gallon sizes. Probably made prior to 1920.
  17. This particular style of embossing indicates the jar was made 1920's - 1960's.
  18. These were made in 1935-1936 by Intermountain Glass Co of Midvale UT.
  19. hartballjr: Each manufacturer had their own system of mold marks to identify which mold the jar was made in. Some had no marks on the base.
  20. I agree, not a reproduction.
  21. The lid is a an aftermarket Presto canning lid and is not likely original to that coffee jar.
  22. This is an early machine made jar. It has a lot of manganese in the glass and will turn quite purple. It was made circa 1900's - 1910 by Model Glass Works in Summitville Indiana.
  23. This jar was made in Coffeyville KS 1906-1909 by Mason Fruit Jar Co. Ball acquired this company in 1909 and closed it in 1911. The molds were used by Ball who added Ball above The Mason. Ball the Mas...
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